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Stone Circle formed in 2004 with Joe Ashwin (Lead Guitar/Vocals), James Pearce (Bass) & Sam Hill (drums), the line-up became complete in 2005 with the addition of Tom Skelton (Rhythm Guitars). Over this time the band developed their sound into the progressive metal that they play today, inspired by Opeth, Katatonia, Morbid Angel, Gojira, Amorphis and more.

In 2006 Stone Circle recorded their first EP – Parchment – with Dominic Young (well known for being the live sound technician for Sikth). This year marks the 10th anniversary of the release.

After a relocation to Brighton to study music, the band then worked on their first full-length album, also recorded with Dominic Young, in October of 2009. The album “Myth” was released at the end of 2010 through Glasstone Records.

Additionally, Stone Circle featured on the Brighton Institute of Modern Music album “Whats in your head: Volume II”, becoming the first band of the genre to be included in the institution’s showcase collection.

Stone Circle released their fourth (self-titled) release in Terrorizer Magazine at the end of 2014 
Progressive Metal band, Stone Circle (UK), has revealed a new concept EP (based on stories from the Brother Grimm), A Forest Dark. The EP will be their 5th release to date and Stone Circle and recorded with Jonny Renshaw (Devil Sold His Soul) in October 2016. 

The band have written 4 tracks for the concept EP, each based on stories from the Brothers Grimm. 

Bones – The Grimm tale “The Juniper Tree”, where a wicked step-mother kills her step-son for selfish reasons, but vengeance is served in the end. 

Without Hands – The tale “The Girl Without Hands”, a story of a father’s greed at the cost of his daughter’s hands. 

Riddled (instrumental) – The tale “The Riddle”, a Prince challenges a princess to answer a riddle for his hand in marriage. 

Possession – The story of “Rumpelstiltskin”, about a girl trapped in a tower who’s helped by a mysterious creature but at a deadly cost.

Stone Circle – Possession

Stone Circle – Mary Celeste

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