Stillroom would describe themselves as “triumphant rock n roll from Dublin’s heart & soul”. With a history that seen them tour Sunset Strip LA, shows in Germany and throughout Ireland & UK, they are currently promoting their ‘Good To Be Alive’ album, which charted in Ireland last year through HMV stores and online sales, -with a number of single and video releases that gathered momentum and airplay on both sides of the Atlantic.
Along with having several of their compositions featured in movies, plays and Microsoft ad campaigns, the band have recently signed a publishing deal with GD78 and are currently enjoying airplay worldwide thru a variery of sources including Sony PlayStation and XBOX.
Current members are: James (Berko) Berkeley on vox. Paul (Scottie) Scott on lead/rhythm guitar. Dehna (The Bennett) Bennett on Bass. And Mandeep (Mandy) Singh on drums.

Stillroom – That’s What You Get

Stillroom – Take it Back

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