Stephen Lacy Sullivan

Stephen Lacy Sullivan


While bands usually require an element of compromise between its members, solo projects allow a musician to fully express their vision and draw from all facets of their life to make a representation of themselves in musical form. Take Stephen Lacy Sullivan, guitarist in post-metal band Alluvion and former drummer in Virginia sludge metal band Lord – his eponymous solo work is several steps removed from the aforementioned bands. Drawing from indie, gospel, and lo-fi electronica, the upcoming début release under the new name* showcases Sullivan focusing in on his faith on Portion in the Sky.

Lead single “Testimony” starts proceedings off on a relatively mellow note, pairing playful guitar work influenced by Townes van Zandt against the uhn-tiss of electronic drums, and Sullivan’s own strained tones on top. “I’ll disappear in your glory tonight,” he delivers in a melodic drawl, as one of many choice lyrics touching on Christianity throughout the record.

As we move further into the record, certain left-field elements emerge unexpectedly – turntable scratching in Lady Erin, unconventional percussion in “Within Reach” – but the cherry on the surprise-laden cake is the dark “Consuming Fire”, where tortured synths resemble screaming, and Sullivan practically snarls in his delivery to match the fire-and-brimstone style sermon that is chopped up and remixed into the meat of the track.

Portion in the Sky is a new chapter in Sullivan’s musical development, and one which will surely pique the interest of those who enjoy such genre-melding exercises – if 90s indie meets lo-fi electronica is of interest, then these 20 minutes are absolutely worth your time.

 1. Testimony

2. Portion in the Sky

3. Consuming Fire

4. Lady Erin

5. Within Reach

* The project was formerly known as LACY, under which 4 full-lengths, 3 EPs and several singles and demos were released.

Stephen Lacy Sullivan – Testimony

Stephen Lacy Sullivan – Keeper

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