Starlight Mikka

Starlight Mikka

STARLIGHT MIKKA releases the heart wrenching single “I Could Live”

STARLIGHT MIKKA announces her return, bringing a dark and intense sound to fans with the release of her long-awaited new single, I Could Live – available on all streaming platforms. The forthcoming song sets a professional and mature tone due to the production value and a clear development of the artist’s point of view. ‘I Could Live’  remains true to her rawness present in previous work released in 2018 titled GETTIN SIKKER and the new song is set to be released on February 24th, 2020. The single is the first of a series of songs for the upcoming EP called BEAST MODE, set to be released at the end of 2020.

Set to be released worldwide, the song is a mix of rock, pop and rap, and it addresses the suffocating feeling of being lost in a haze within a toxic relationship. Artist Klara Berg from Sweden lends her melodic vocals to the track in the catchy chorus which feels like a response to the harsh and at times brutally honest vocals by MIKKA. STARLIGHT MIKKA is currently touring Los Angeles with shows at the Silverlake Lounge and The Mint schedule for the upcoming weeks. More shows will be announced shortly.

The song was mostly recorded in Los Angeles, California with engineer and producer Katsuya Sezaki with some vocals recorded in Sweden and others in India. Guitarist Pedro Asfora and vocalists Klara Berg and Aaliyah Qureishi added their flavor to the track, creating melodic waves to the otherwise staccato vocal style that it’s so particular of MIKKA.  

– February 21 – Los Angeles, CA – Silverlake Lounge
– March 8 – Los Angeles, CA – TBA
– March 12 – Los Angeles, CA – The Mint

STARLIGHT MIKKA, also known as Mikka Verneaux, is a Brazilian solo rock-rap artist and writer based in the US. She began her musical career at the age 13 playing bass and singing with punk bands in Brazil.

Her return to music happened in 2015 when she began singing with independent artists in Northern California and exploring what it means to express one’s true self on stage. With the support of DJ Broken Record and the DJ duo Deadstare she released the single “WE EXTRA” and a series of singles that lead to the demo mixtape “GETTIN SIKKER” released in 2018.

From 2016 until 2019 STARLIGHT MIKKA has performed in San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Rosa, Los Angeles and Brazil. Her performances are known for being lively and outrageous, with inspiration from performance art and acting in her sets. 

“I can’t be overly exaggerated in my day-to-day life, otherwise I wouldn’t have anything. So I save my emotions until I get on stage, where I can be loud, dramatic, where I can cry and where I can make others feel the depths of what I feel,” Says the singer.

Currently, she’s working on her EP “BEAST MODE” to be released in 2020 which dives deep into self discovery and the understanding of one’s inner beasts.

She’s openly gender non conforming, fluctuating between pronouns “she” and “they”, openly pansexual and outspoken about the LGBTQIA causes and women rights, making activism a blueprint of her work.

Starlight Mikka – I Could Live (live)

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Starlight Mikka – GETTIN SIKKA

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