St. Aurora – They All Remember

St. Aurora – They All Remember

St. AURORA, EP ”They All Remember”(28 May 2021, self release)

  1. Falling (Just Another Way to Fly)
  2. Rejects of Society
  3. They All Remember
  4. Agree to Disagree
  5. Is It My Time?


I first heard about St. Aurora from the excellent single they released “Falling (Just Another Way to Fly)” and I was immediately hooked with the mix of melody and aggression the 5-piece from Finland deliver! The song is accompanied with a very nice video and so I immediately thought that something good in happening here and then I thought of an interview to get to know the guys better. Please read the band’s interview to realize what an interesting band they are! So here we go with a review for their debut release, “They All Remember” EP.

At first, St. Aurora is an alternative rock band. On the one hand they have high energy songs with catchy choruses and memorable melodies, while on the other hand they have some very emotional slow rock (even bluesy) songs. In these songs you can hear the band’s punk, metalcore, blues and heavy metal influences. The first single off of the EP, “Falling (Just Another Way to Fly)” falls directly into the first category, that of the high energy songs. It is a full of energy song indeed coming from young people and although it is very melodic, still underneath lies a punk aggressiveness which makes it really special.

“They All Remember” EP has a big diversity and offers many great moments. St. Aurora know how to express their emotions through music in the right way and they surely deliver, be it with the punk-meets-metalcore of “Rejects of Society”, the arena rock chorus of the highly emotional “They All Remember”, the pop-rock/math-rock of “Agree to Disagree” or the blues/acoustic rock of “Is It My Time?” which gradually progresses to alternative/metalcore.

Every song on “They All Remember” is very different compared to the other, but all of them put together work really good and somehow unite. You never get tired of listening to the EP because the material is really good, and I found myself getting back to it for another listen and murmuring some melodies afterwards. “They All Remember” is nicely structured and it grows with time. A remarkable job has been also done in the production which keeps balanced the high energy with the emotion.  

People into alternative rock, metalcore and even modern metal for sure will dig St. Aurora. The band is at a really very good stage to take the next step in their career and release a full length. Fans of Avenged Sevenfold, Palaye Royale and Slipknot will most definitely have to check out St. Aurora’s excellent debut EP!

Review by Mr Athens 79

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