Spray release double A-side
27th of May
inc. ‘Diamond Lights’

Spray take a trip to 80s footballer pop heaven with a new double A-side single

 Spray continue their series of 2022 cover releases by taking on peak 80s synth soccer tune Diamond Lights and applying their personal brand of glossy electro goodness to this underrated pop classic.

Spray’s 2022 covers project sees the band releasing a surprise cover version at the end of every month on Bandcamp, with the goal of leaving fans with a full-length album at the end of the year. The band has already taken on songs by The Detroit Spinners, Blink182, and even Chas & Dave, with Diamond Lights confirmed as the choice for May.

On this cover of Diamond Lights, the band looks beyond the novelty of the track’s existence to find something special within the song itself.

Firmly part of that odd mid-80s vogue for English footballers dabbling in the UK charts, Diamond Lights – written by Bob Puzey and performed by Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle – stood out from the pack as it brought a darker, more alternative sound and some famously wooden performances to British TV.

Diamond Lights sees Jenny and Ricardo cast aside the moodiness of the original in favour of something more glistening and upbeat. There’s still a distinctly 80s flavour, but Jenny’s vocals set the lyrics’ message of existential angst to a disco beat better than the Tottenham Hotspur duo could ever manage.

It is also the perfect song to cover because the band has been adopted as the house band for the MadWasp Radio show Diamond Lights Express – with the Spray Song of The Week feature being a showcase for some of the more leftfield corners of Spray’s catalogue.

Says Ricardo about the track:

“We have a number of cover versions to keep our live set interesting, but as for our albums, they’ve been strictly originals only. So, we felt it might be fun, and also a good way of keeping ourselves proactive, to record a covers album, recording and releasing the songs one a month.

“This allows for an element of interactivity, fan suggestions, and also the possibility we’ll end up with more songs than we expected. Or possibly less.

“These won’t be necessarily what you’d expect from us either. The idea of Spray cover versions is to take something as far away from our oeuvre as we can find and then drag it kicking and screaming into the Spray Universe.”

Part of a double A-side single with accompanying material, Diamond Lights is released alongside an exclusive remix of the recent album track Get Normal by US-based Nintendo-core heroes The Gothsicles. The release also contains two further tracks: Instagram and Legitimate Concerns.

Diamond Lights x Get Normal will be released via AnalogueTrash on the 27th of May. It will be available via Bandcamp and all major digital services.

Spray – The Big Idea

Spray – Blurred in the Background

Spray – Hammered In An Airport

Spray – Felicette (Space Cat)

Spray – Chump (For My Love)

Spray – Anthologised By Cherry Red

Spray 2018

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