Spiral Meth – Blues For The Superhuman

Spiral Meth – Blues For The Superhuman

Spiral Meth – album “Blues For The Superhuman” (2022, self-release)

  1. Predator Priests
  2. Spiral Breath
  3. Antelope In a Jankyard
  4. Taxidermia
  5. X Communicate
  6. Gothic Sea
  7. A Dyin Animal Like Me
  8. I, Mermaid
  9. The Locust the Lizard and the Snake
  10. The Missing Element

Unfiltered, realistic and inspired by raw emotion, the debut of Spiral Meth, entitled “Blues For The Superhuman”, feels more like a punch in the throat than a music record. The fairly newly formed band from Greece released a few months ago an album absolutely powerful and ground shaking.

By opening with a song called “300 Predator Priests”, the Spiral Meth make it abundantly clear that this will be an aggressive record, one that won’t hold back. The sense of groove and the groove metal influences are apparent from the very first minutes and atop that basis the band builds and develops its sound further. Key inspiration is the hardcore inspired ideas that are visible all throughout the album and they add an extra layer of heaviness and power to the compositions, which is derived from the frank style of the genre.

The “Blues For The Superhuman” follows quite faithfully this pattern introduced in the opening track, still the Spiral Meth enrich their sound with different influences, while at the same time manage to keep it straightforward and with a spontaneous feeling. There are even some post-metal inspired ideas in the songs “The Missing Element” and “I, Mermaid”, offering a more atmospheric take on the sound of Spiral Meth. Also, in the song “Gothic Sea” the band is influenced by and pays a beautiful tribute to Gojira, with riffs that remind heavily of the “L’Enfant Sauvage” era of the band.

Spiral Meth have released an album massive, emotionally charged and full of aggression, with heavy, groovy riffs and a raging attitude. I cannot but urge you to check it out and give it a shot.

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