Speak Easy Circus

We would best describe our music as experimental indie/funk. But when people first listen to our music the initial thing we would like them to think is that this is something different and unique, something that they might not have heard before. We want to make music that we would listen to, and the music that we listen to is eclectic, exciting, meaningful and doesn’t take itself too seriously all at the same time, so if people went away from our music thinking anything like that then we would take that as a win! 

We all started playing music at an early age, be it piano lessons or saxophone lessons and music was an incredibly important part of all of our lives. Jon (saxophone) ended up studying Jazz and popular music at Hull University, Chats (bass) started his musical career in Malawi and has played virtually every genre of music including a Blues Brothers tribute act at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I  (Jack – guitar/vocals) and Frazer (drums) played in rock and indie bands (and I once played in a Radiohead tribute act) – until eventually we all ended up in Glasgow at the same time and decided to start playing songs together that had originally been written as a Jack solo act called Speak Easy Circus. And thus the full band was formed.

Our new single is coming out, ‘Lions Should Hunt’, which we are very excited about. We have some more singles lined up for 2021 and potentially an EP is in the works.

In terms of live shows we are going with the flow, we would love to play some festivals and shows in Scotland and further afield, but given the current situation we will play it by ear and take whatever we can!

Speak Easy Circus – Neon in Daylight

Speak Easy Circus – Balance The Knife

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