On Sunday,  the  1st of March 2020, Belgian industrial metal combo released a free 6 map pack add-on for the classic first person shooter DooM 2. 
This map has 6 levels built by one of the band members and each map has a track from Spankraght ’s debut album ‘Thou Shalt Drown In The Blood Of Thy Children’.  

“With the release of ID Software’s highly anticipated DooM Eternal on March 20, we wanted to give gamers something to kill the time until release. DooM has always had a metal background as some of tracks on the original soundtracks were nods to songs from bands like Pantera, Alice In Chains, Metallica, …. This game needs to played with pumping beats and chugging guitars so it was only natural for us to make this level pack. It’s also a great way to introduce people to our music. The versions used in the add-on, are loopable edits of the tracks of the album. All without the vocals and some even without synths or guitars. This way we give the songs from the album an extra life, we didn’t just want to drop an album and go out play. These tracks are the ideal soundtrack to kill on, so that’s what you’re able to do.” // Spankraght

 FREE DOWNLOAD (You need a source port like GZDooM and Doom2.wad file to run the add-on, manual with downloadlinks is included) :

Spankraght’s first album ‘Thou Shalt Drown In The Blood Of Thy Children was released on February  21  2020. A concept album of a world in danger, it features 7 tracks of pumping industrial metal with contributions by Franky De Smet-Van Damme (Channel Zero), Alex Agnew (Diablo Boulevard), Axl Peleman (Ashburt Faith, De Kreuners), Zak Tell (Clawfinger) and many more!

Available on all digital streaming platforms ,digipak cd or limited edition game box with DooM 2 add on and extra mixes.


Yes You Will

Find out why and how by listening to the first full album by Spankraght, the masked industrial metal combo from Antwerp, Belgium.

Almost two years after the release of their untitled EP, they return with a serious blow to the head. 7 Tracks of danceable industrial metal in the form of a concept album about world changing events. Mankind is under attack by a force unknown to him. In his struggle for survival he does not see why this force has come and what he can do to stop it. All seems to be lost until a beacon of hope starts to shine…

Joining Spankraght on this musical journey are Alex Agnew, Franky DSVD (Channel Zero), Axl Peleman (Ashbury Faith, Camden, De Kreuners,…), Zak Tell (Clawfinger), Evy Verbruggen (Elusion) and many many more guests. All contributing to make this a diverse and thrilling ride through the realm of Spankraght’s sound.

Read the story while listening to the album and immerse yourself in a violent world where no one is spared. And pick up a weapon yourself by playing the 6 level add on for  the Classic First Person Shooter DooM II: Hell On Earth. 6 Maps with the album’s tracks as soundtrack so you can experience Spankraght in an even more thrilling way!

With the help of Kickstarter backers Spankraght was able to finance the reproduction of the album and offer backers limited edition game boxes with a digipak cd, usb stick with add-on for DooM II and many more goodies. For the release of the album, a limited amount of boxes will be made available again.

Spankraght – Reset Mankind

Spankraght – Carnivale

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