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Space Caravan


Pennsylvania’s Space Caravan have just released their new single “Space Vikings On The Road via Bandcamp.

The band commented “We’re proud and excited to drop Space Vikings on the Road (Valhalla) from our upcoming debut for you fine folks! We had a blast working hard on it and it comes from a place of playing a song we wanted to hear about gnarly space biker dudes doing it up. If there’s any misunderstanding the instructions are in the chorus.”

The song was recorded  at The Church in Royersford, PA

Percolating in the dark basements of South Jersey and coming to life in the bitter Filthadelphian heavy
music scene, Space Caravan was birthed from two childhood friends mutual love for Black Sabbath.
When Matt Vernon and Will Alvarez formed the band in 2015 they played covers mixed with a few
originals. They recorded a pair of tracks at Welfare Line Studio (Serpent Throne, Pissgrave) and, inspired
by the likes of Orange Goblin and Wo Fat began to play shows. It wasn’t until their lineup solidified in in
2017 when Matt’s brother, Andy joined the group, that suddenly the years of hard work behind the
scenes started to pay off.
Having always focused on aesthetic, the band prides themselves on their custom green and black guitars
and monogrammed matching vests enhancing the look and feel of their live performance. Rather than
pay for expensive luthiers and seamstresses, the band managed to cultivate their look on their own. It
was only later on that they hired the legendary artist, David Paul Seymour to help further solidify their
approach. With trippy visuals based around science fiction themes, parties, drugs and of course buxom
babes from outer space, Space Caravan have always known exactly the look and vibe that they were
going for.
More rock and roll than stoner doom, the band sees themselves as marrying the likes of Black Sabbath
with Motorhead by way of Guns ‘n’ Roses. With these lofty musical goals in mind, Space Caravan are
preparing to once more head into the studio and unleash marijuana fueled sonic mayhem. Tightly
controlled but seemingly always on the brink of coming apart at the seams, Space Caravan is a stoner
rock band for the modern age. Fusing old and new with an eye on the future, this is a band whose
unique stage show ensures they need to be seen to be believed.

Space Caravan is: 

Matt Vernon: lead guitar/vocals
Will Alvarez: lead bass/vocals
Dave Quake: lead drums

Space Caravan – Space Vikings on the Road (Valhalla)

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