South Harbour

South Harbour

SOUTH HARBOUR was established in early 2018 by guitarist Alexander Varslev-Pedersen as a personal studio project. While still in the writing process the concept of creating a musically varied album started to take form. The concept and album gradually changed from being an instrumental project, to being a collaborative project with 6 different artists, who contribute with their own unique style and voice.

In the end of 2018 the recording process began, which mainly took place in an apartment in Sydhavnen, Copenhagen.

While the album was being recorded the live-band was established. Since the beginning the vision has been to separate the recorded album from the live experience. Even though it’s the same material, we have strived to create space for the individual musician to colour and contribute to the material, and not just replicate the album note for note.

After the release of ‘ A Withered World In Colour ’ South Harbour’s line-up will be:

Guitars – Alexander Varslev-Pedersen
Guitars – Kristian Hejlskov Larsen
Bass – Andreas Dahl-Blumenberg


SOUTH HARBOUR’s sound revolves around the metal genre, and explores the many different facets that can be created with it. The result is a unique sound, which creates musical moments and soundscapes. The listener is taken on a voyage through beautiful synthesizer parts, neck breaking grooves, atmospheric stoner passages and pompous, epic riffs. Likewise, the vocals also take many different forms. The listener encounters soulful RnB, oriental refrains, frail Tool-like passages, and ear-splitting Black Metal vocals. The music moves through many different moments and moods, but the context is never lost.The listener is taken along a voyage through the many moments and feelings, and is likely to be challenged along the way.

The visual identity also plays a central role, and connects the many individual moments in one cohesive narrative. After the release of the music video (27th Sep.), every track of the album has a unique visualizer. The story from the music video for ‘As I Gaze Into An Uncertain Future’ is continued throughout these visualizers. The visualizers portray actress Pernille Rosengren, and the unique nature of Sydhavnen, in a beautiful unification. 

South Harbour – Exactly Where We’re Supposed To Be

South Harbour – Flowers Need Water

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