SOULCHAMBER is a metal / hardcore band from Sete lagoas / MG Brasil, born in 2012 And formed by well-known and experienced names of the music scene: JC lestat (vocals) Juninho (bass) Mateus Almeida (guitar) Thiago Soares Gomes (drums).

In February 2017 we released the first single which was very well received and that left the band closer to completing the awaited EP Prelude of Hate that was released on 20th July, which will lead to the complete album that is yet untitled.

Live the band already play 12 original songs that pass between thrash metal and hardcore. The band also play a more tribal, grooved and psychedelic track that is in Portuguese.

Soulchamber uses an aggressive theme to pass on to fans what happens on a day-to-day basis in the chaos that the world is experiencing, using themes that are often discussed as religion, politics, and the mishaps and barriers the world places such as corruption, falsehood and ideals.

With several concerts and events in Minas Gerais, with its largest audience being in an event in Sao Tome of letters with an estimated five thousand people and this year wants to raise higher figures. If you want to stay connected in the projects of the band follow the links below to follow closely.

Soulchamber – Corruption

Soulchamber – Money New God Of World

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