Soul Jacker

“Soul Jacker have songs & the swagger to be the next big thing” (Heavy Magazine)

“Powerful & refreshing accessible “ (R.G.M.)

“Soul Jacker are the missing link we were never looking for but needed “  Mick Hutson (Photographer/Getty Images)

“A great rawness, gnarl & bite “ (BBC Introducing ….)

“Soul Jacker are North Wales based Alternative Rock Band with heavy blues and indie and psychedelic influences consisting of Andy Salter, Dan Robson and Damon Robson.

Since Soul Jacker formed in May 2018, they have been captivating crowds with their original, energetic, powerful songs and musical performances.

The band gigged extensively across North Wales and the North West of England throughout 2018/2019, creating a buzz. Soon enough, the band built up a small but loyal following and a flattering online one through a great live reputation and receptive social media presence.

2019 was full of highlights, festivals and a recording sessions. The band signed a deal and released their debut ‘Nocebo/Solen’ EP with Liverpool based Evolution Recordings to critical acclaim. The band continued their hard work ethic playing over another 50 gigs and festivals such as the award winning FOCUS Wales along with supporting acts such as The Real People, The Fratellis, The Coral and Toploader at prestigious venues such as The Cavern Club in North Wales to name a couple.

In November 2019, Soul Jacker went in to Amp Studio in Wrexham, North Wales to begin recording their debut album with Nino Erricco.

2020 started with a bang literally! The Band won a ‘Banger ‘independent music award in the USA for ‘Nocebo’. A new drummer in Dan’s brother, Damon taking over the throne and the band were all set for plenty of gigs, radio performances and festivals they were booked for the summer of 2020 alongside booked recording sessions for the album..

January saw the release of ‘Nobody Loves You‘ to critical acclaim from Heavy Magazine.

It was compared to Black Sabbath on BBC Introducing Wales and was accompanied by a dark/gritty video by Drop D Films. The Band performed live on Kieron Kennys ALL FM TIME Show and acoustic on the ‘Breakfast with Ginger‘ Phase Radio Wales show.

March saw the release of ‘Watercolours‘ which received BBC and independent radio plays, more positive critical acclaim and thousands of Spotify streams/YouTube views .

The band were due to go back in the studio to continue to work on the album when COVID -19 hit and restrictions came in to place across the UK ..

During lockdown ,the band managed to preform 2 online gigs, gained a new tour manager Mick Hutson, a new social media manager in Tracey Jackson  and a new record deal with California based Atomic Records.

While in global limbo Atomic Records real eased a collection of the bands early demos called ‘The Rhostyllen Sessions‘ to critical acclaim and a surprise amount of US radio play.

September and November 2020 saw the release of the singles ‘Dr.Smith‘ and ‘The Animals‘. ’Dr.Smith’ got the thumbs up in a review by ‘Funeral for a Friend’  Darran Smith on the 69X Alternative TV show and ‘The Animals‘ quickly became the bands most successful release to date with another impactful video by Drop D Films..

On December the 17th (USA)/18th  (UK) 2020, Soul Jacker released their highly anticipated debut album ‘ FANTASMAGORIA’ !! The 11 track album sold 2 signed limited edition CD runs and was streamed nearly 100,000 times on Spotify within a month of release ..

The band plan to record a brand new album and tour as much as possible in 2021. Give them a follow on one of their social media profiles to keep following the story …….”

Soul Jacker – Trapped

Soul Jacker – The Animals

Soul Jacker – Mary Jane

Soul Jacker – Nobody Loves You

Soul Jacker – Dr. Smith

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