Sorrow & the Spire

Sorrow And Spire
Crusader Records
Release: 4 November 2022

SORROW AND THE SPIRE release new self-titled EP, out now on Crusader Records.

Sorrow & The Spire is the self-titled debut EP from solo artist Navid Rashid, featuring six tracks of undeniable melodic hard rock, with song after song of passionate vocals, winning choruses, high energy guitar riffs, and lyrics that avoid cliche in favour of the thoughtful and catchy. Sorrow & The Spire will be released digitally via Crusader Records on November 4th.
Sorrow & The Spire recently burst on to the scene by delivering some of the year’s best melodic hard rock tracks ‘My Misery Calling’, ‘Castle’s in the Air’ and ‘In the City Tonight’ giving listeners and insight into what to expect from the EP and the highly talented Rashid.
Navid’s years of songwriting experience in various projects converge to create a collection of songs that seamlessly bring together elements of modern active rock and 80’s hard rock anthems, and with huge and dynamic production by Steve Brown (Trixter, Def Leppard, Tokyo Motor Fist), Sorrow & The Spire delivers a focused vision that leaps out of the speakers and doesn’t let go.

Track listing 
 1. My Misery Calling 
 2. Castles in the Air 
 3. In the City Tonight 
 4. One Million Reasons 
 5. I Still Believe 
 6. Under the Gun
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My Misery Calling
My Misery Calling is a stomping, infectious track that updates an 80’s hard rock vibe with modern sound and energy.  It’s one of those special songs where every part is a hook.  Navid’s passionate vocals carry the track, with big drums and guitars, a memorable chorus, melodic guitar solo and a killer outro riff.  Lyrically, the track takes a clever look at what happens when we try to hide from the broken parts of ourselves by finding someone else (sometimes a little broken themselves!) to fill in the cracks, instead of looking within to heal ourselves.  
Castles In The Air
Castles In The Air displays the harder rocking side of Sorrow & The Spire.  The uplifting spirit of the song is captured in themes of self-empowerment, and conveyed through catchy riffing, uptempo grooves, and great melodies in the vocals and guitars alike.  The band’s background in progressive hard rock and metal comes through just enough, with some cool mid-song musical shifts, and a keyboard motif that adds another dimension to an already energized and powerful track.
In The City Tonight
At once modern and reminiscent of the best active rock singles, In The City Tonight is a compositional success that reflects Sorrow & The Spire’s penchant for heartfelt and undeniable songcraft.  The yearning of its introspective lyric, about trying to find light in our darkest places, is expressed in emotional verses that give way to a power-ballad style anthemic guitar-driven chorus that feels both personal and universal.
One Million Reasons
One Million Reasons is pure melodic hard rock – the intro riff slices through the air, made for air-guitaring (with guitar solos to match), and the vocals pick up intensity before exploding into yet another winning chorus. It tackles the fear and indecision that can make it hard for two people to truly connect, even when their hearts may be drawn to each other.   
I Still Believe
I Still Believe takes the Sorrow & The Spire sound in a slightly different direction, with an acoustic/ electric vibe that highlights the reflective verses about mankind’s struggles between good and evil, and eventually giving way to an earworm of a chorus that captures this human condition – “there’s a devil in your heart just like the one inside of me” – before reminding us to hold on to hope, and to still believe.
Under The Gun
Under The Gun is a defiant statement of self-belief, back to a driving metallic feel counterbalanced with melodic backing vocals, and a perfect final track for the Sorrow & The Spire EP.  When it’s all said and done, these songs are meant to lift up the listener, and Under the Gun reminds us to stay strong through adversity, driving that message home with adrenaline-fueled guitars, drums and gang vocals leading the charge.

Sorrow & The Spire is the solo project of Navid Rashid, long time driving force of US progressive metal band Iris Divine.  Though metal runs in his blood, Navid has always maintained a love for well-written melodic rock, where big guitar riffs support catchy and even pop-influenced melodies, and immediacy doesn’t have to sacrifice depth. Navid has been the leader of various bands and projects over the years, never gaining notoriety outside of independent and underground music circles, but steadily refining his talents and continuing to write and perform for the right reason – the love of the music.  Now, with years of experience and the inspiration of decades of amazing rock and metal music dating back to his youth, he has evolved into a solo artist that has something to say.
Sorrow & The Spire is the voice of a singer/songwriter/guitarist who is equally at home with 80s influenced hard rock, and the 90s/00s active rock and modern rock that fuses it with alternative and even touches of grunge.  
Navid is proud to release his first few singles through Crusader/Golden Robot Records. Produced, engineered and mixed by forty-year industry veteran Steve Brown (Trixter, Tokyo Motor Fist) and featuring good friends and guest rhythm section Chris DeChiara (U.S. Navy Band) and Jeff Teets (MindMaze), these tracks introduce rock fans to Sorrow & The Spire’s big riffs and memorable hooks, that go for the heart with unrelenting energy, and just flat-out rock.  They would be equally at home on rotation at Sirius XM or cranked up on a stage at full volume.  
Navid’s melodic sensibilities shine through in his passionate vocals and distinctive guitar style, always putting emotion before technique, and the song before everything.  “My Misery Calling” kicks things off with infectious energy and a huge chorus, “Castles In The Air” turns up the heaviness a notch with a positive message, soaring guitar solos and a few progressive touches, and “In The City Tonight” is the best late 90s active rock power ballad you’ve never heard.
More than a throwback, fans of bands ranging from Def Leppard to Foo Fighters would be well advised to check out Sorrow & The Spire, for killer music that takes familiar sounds into modern directions.

Sorrow & the Spire – My Misery Calling

Sorrow & the Spire – Castles in the Air

Sorrow & the Spire – In The City Tonight

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