Son of a Pixel

SON OF A PIXEL is a “one-man band” nintendo/ electronix progressive metal project. Brainchild of Peter Buju, the project is inspired by the sound of aggressive music combined with a vibe of video games, software development, computerized sound design, an overall nerdy way of being, wacky humor and creative stories.

The sound consists of a groove/ progressive metal foundation with math elements for that extra weirdness, with pitch-shifted guitar riffs, mood swings, dynamic bass lines, odd time-signatures and melodic hooks. This foundation blends with electronic elements that add a “digital” mood to the picture with the usage of synths, modulated chip-tune, video-game themed tones, dubstep and others.

In the contents of this page you’ll find new songs and music videos, updates on the work-in-progress material coming up, along with the creative process, stories & concepts behind songs, chats with some of the awesome talent that contributed to various aspects of the material (graphic design, branding, video shooting, video editing etc.) and many more.

Planned for release, the debut EP “Pa55 7H3 5AL7” is a 6-track self-produced record, born in the area of Copenhagen, Denmark.

For more information on the production studio you can visit or reach out at

Son of a Pixel – Celebration Of Death

Son of a Pixel – Through Ozone

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