Solve The Nodus

Solve The Nodus

Solve The Nodus is an upcoming self-funded Alternative Rock band. Hi, we are Dan, Luke, Ben, and Jordan, together we form Solve The Nodus!  We all met separately and our passion for music brought us together. Currently we’re Hampshire/Portsmouth based but originate from all over the U.K 

Come join us in the moment!

Daniel discovered his passion for music during a rough patch in his life. After eyeing a bright blue Tanglewood guitar, through the window of a music shop he discovered the instrument of his dreams and his passion evolved into a career which birthing his vision for ‘Solve The Nodus’. Most of the original songs you hear from the band today are all inspired from his personal experience. Dan is a strong supporter of ‘Mental Health’ and supporting ‘Homeless charities’. Daniel’s vision for ‘Solve The Nodus’ eventually brought Luke, Ben and Jordan across his path. Growing up together, Ben, Luke and Jordan often jammed together, and were keen to find a vocalist to join them.

Ben is a country singer-songwriter, performer and producer with a passion for music. He has absorbed many styles and influences from all around the world. From blues and country to rock and metal, Ben is a jack of all trades and his versatility adds a unique sound to the band.

Luke has played music from a young age and much of his influence comes from bands like Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Blink 182. Luke has a passion for guitar and drums and is both comfortable in the studio as he is on stage. His passion is obvious in the recordings and live gigs.

Jordan grew up with rock and metal, which has greatly influenced his bass style, adding a unique vibe and sound to the band. Jordan is not only a dedicated bassist but prides himself in being a decent live sound engineer. Jordan finds music to be the perfect form of escapism from his work, college and stresses of daily life!

Solve The Nodus – Demons

Solve The Nodus – If I Could

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