Solar Parachute

Solar Parachute

After the two first singles  Solar Parachute is back with ” Ain’t no Sunlight.”

“Sometimes we need to drown ourselves at the bottom of the pool and push up to rebond at the surface of happiness.”

About “Ain’t No Sunlight”

This song will be part of the new Solar Parachute album which will be out in November 2020.
After the two first singles “Can’t Help Myself” and “In the Sound, Solar Parachute is back with” Ain’t no Sunlight.”
This track was written around the guitar riff and the slow heavy drums.This is a song about contrasts – hot/cold, loud/silent, dark/light, which echoes complicated relationships.

Solar Parachute Bio

Solar Parachute is the exciting new solo project of unconventional drummer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Gaet Allard. Known primarily for playing drums with bands such as Balinger, Stoptoi and Perfect Line, Allard also has his own solo project called Solar Parachute where he sings, performs and writes songs.

A frenchy based in London. Gaet hails from Nantes in France, began playing the drums at just six years old, initially studying jazz at his local school. At eighteen he moved to Paris where he studied at the Conservatoire National of Paris and Cergy France. This life-changing experience gave him a taste of life as a globe-trotting musician and he never looked back, moving back to Paris which he then used as a launch pad for a decade long career performing all over the world, dividing his time as a session musician working with several leading artists and labels, in addition to his work as a band member and song-writing collaborate with bands such as Bonobo Trio, Balinger, Perfect Life and Stoptoi compagny. 

In 2019 Gaet moved to London and found the perfect city to grow the band. Full of opportunities and creative people, Gaet is now on a mission to finish Solar Parachute’s new album which will be out in November, 2020.

Solar Parachute – Ain’t No Sunlight

Solar Parachute – In The Sound

Solar Parachute – Can’t Help Myself

Solar Parachute – Turn Off The Light

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