Social Scream – Organic Mindset

Social Scream – Organic Mindset

SOCIAL SCREAM – “Organic Mindset” (Heart Of Steel Records, 10 March 2020)

  1. Stigmata
  2. Connect
  3. Insane Sun
  4. Truth Divider
  5. Days Repeating
  6. Hive Of Fire
  7. War Demons
  8. If I Were The Devil
  9. World Of Shadows
  10. Taleton

“Organic Mindset” is the 3rd full length of this Greek modern Heavy Metal band. Social Scream use traditional Heavy Metal as their basic ingredient and build up their songs with a very nice songwriting that engulfs Thrash and Modern Metal influences.

The result is a modern and fresh heavy/thrash album with solid riff work. The Social Scream riffs are crunchy, pounding and heavy. The band seems to be intrigued by what happened in the global metal scene of the 80’s. So, they basically keep their riffs in this direction. Nevertheless, they always keep an eye open in the present and the future. The acoustic parts wherever used (for example in the beautiful metal ballad “War Demons”) are very well performed and bring memories of classic metal ballads.

The rhythm section works nice in the album. The bass underlines the melodies and plays themes where possible. The drums are accurate and at the most epic moments gloriously march on for victory.

Although they come with a strong heavy metal vibe, the vocals of Social Scream in “Organic Mindset” maintain their fresh character throughout the whole album.

“Organic Mindset” made a very nice listening experience. Songs that stood out for me were of course the single “Truth Divider” which summarizes the band’s perspective, the obscure and evil heavy metal anthem “Connect” and the epic story of “Taleton”, a great 10 minute song with progressive and folk references that covers the gap between all the band’s influences uniting them to one song. The aforementioned metal ballad “War Demons” is also another nice and memorable moment of the album.

To sum up, Social Scream did a very nice work in “Organic Mindset”. The band clearly showed their passion for metal, their fantasy in songwriting and their ability to write a good heavy metal album. I believe they are on the right track to surprise us even more in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy “Organic Mindset”.

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