Sobaki Tabaka

Sobaki Tabaka

SOBAKI TABAKA are and have been on the leading edge of the wave in Russian industrial music for over 20 years, and XX-XXIV serves as a tribute to their continued relevance and influence. This monolithic compilation is a gigantic double disc release; at 26 tracks and well over two hours long, it runs a gamut of the band’s sounds through the eyes of friends and collaborators.
 The songs deconstructed on this release are reinterpreted through a head-spinning variety of genres, from looming spacious atmosphere to head-crushing static demolition to pounding industrial guitar and drum loops. The scope of musicians featured here is another mirror to variety; Khost, Alan Dubin (Khanate) and Gnaw Their Tongues bring their scathing noise sensibilities and caustic vocal performances, while contributors like BKGD Audio and Headscan provide more traditional electronic groove.

This is a unique retrospective of a band that continues to push their sound and drive their genre, with some legendary contributors and intense performances worthy of any music fan’s collection, or someone looking for an overview of industrial music.  

Pre-order here: sobakitabaka-xx-xxiv-cd album/xx-xxiv 

 1. khost – The New Body
2. Alan Dubin – Chujie
3. Oddateee – Hui Bez Hleba
4. JOHN 3:16 – Greh, Bogatstvo, Lyubov’ I Azart
5. BKGD Audio – Chujie
6. GSDahlquist – Beside You
7. Gnaw Their Tongues – The New Body
8. Maspin – Dosasivaya Ledenec Jizni
9. Styxian Industries – V Tele Hrista
10. Headscan – The New Body
11. end.user – Chujie
12. Angela Martyr – Angel Moi
13. Roman Urodovskikh – Golova
14. BKGD Audio – Morning In The Subway
15. Guvibosch – Live In Me
16. JOHN 3:16 – I Refuse
17. dave phillips – let me breathe you in (live in me remix)
18. Convulsif – Absolutnoe NET
19. The Austrasian Goat – Dosasivaya Ledenec Jizni
20. Christian Garcia-Gaucher – Live In Me
21. Cosmic Ground – Venki Zabvenyia
22. KERNAL – Trees, Shade, Curves
23. Swarm Intelligence – V Tele Hrista
24. Philippe Petit – Yatchita Yu Knigu Parouski
25. Terminal Sound System – Venki Zabveniya
26. Yantra Mandir – Trees shade curves

Sobaki Tabaka – XX-XXIV teaser

Sobaki Tabaka – Angel of Mine

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