The UK’s favorite two-piece punk provocateurs, Slaves, have surprised fans with the release of their new EP, The Velvet Ditch, marking the duo’s first new music since last year’s critically acclaimed full-length, Acts Of Fear and Love. The EP sees the band showcasing the two sides of their collective personality. Side 1 is a balls-to-the-wall display of the band’s more aggressive tendencies. “One More Day Won’t Hurt” starts with a thrash metal-inspired riff which descends into a heavy mid-paced groove, with drummer and vocalist Isaac Holman roaring over a thundering beat, while “It Makes Me Sick” shows the influence of breakneck hardcore punk the pair grew up on. Side 2 ties into the duo’s more contemplative mood, as the EP’s title track strums out into a slow, acoustic bluesy tone with lyrics lamenting the commercialization of our culture. Closer “When Will I Learn” on the other hand is new territory, a plaintive piano ballad showing the band in a more vulnerable light. You can stream The Velvet Ditch here now and order the vinyl here.

On The Velvet Ditch, guitarist and vocalist Laurie Vincent stated:

“The Velvet Ditch is four songs from four different corners of our band. This EP was us approaching small town mentality, destructive behavioural patterns, and the mental cycles that can be such a struggle for us all to break. The dark recesses within all our minds and how to keep them at bay is what we were exploring through these different styles of music.”

Following the release of their critically acclaimed third album, Acts of Fear and Love, last year, Isaac Holman (drums, vocals) and Laurie Vincent (guitar, vocals) have been bringing their rowdy anthems to the people in a joyous, celebration of big riffs, big beats, and even bigger choruses. Acts Of Fear And Love marked Slaves most genre-bending record yet, containing the speedy vitriol that’s always been par for course, but tempered by quieter, dreamier moments of straight-up ‘90s indie. This newfound sound took the duo to the main stage of major U.S. festivals in 2018, including the likes of the Foo Fighters’ curated CalJam, Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL, Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas and Governor’s Ball in New York City. Following a raucous appearance at Glastonbury earlier this month, the band will continue to build on their high energy in 2019 with upcoming appearances at festivals across the globe and UK tour.

Slaves – The Velvet Ditch

Slaves – Bugs

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