Skye Wallace

Skye Wallace

Body Lights The Way” is inspired by a story I read of a sex worker during the Dawson City Gold Rush. At the time, I was staying there for a songwriting residency.  Her badass tale inspired me to take that fire, that fuel, and put it into song. I want you to feel a sense of shiny empowerment when you listen, along with a groove that will hopefully spark you to have a really good day!

The song’s fun, carefree energy carries over into our accompanying visuals. Half filmed in the Yukon, half in Whitby, ON at my local rink, I’ve always wanted to bring my rock band to a curling sheet. Coming from a very curling-oriented family, I’ve been playing and loving the sport ever since I was little. Curling was also my entryway into meeting the incredible community up in Dawson City while I stayed there. It was a super special opportunity to play into my nostalgia and bring this world to the surface as an accompaniment to the music I create. It was directed and edited by Dan Sokolowski and filmed by Nicholas Marinelli & Dan Sokolowski.

 Skye Wallace is what happens when a classically trained singer with east coast roots discovers punk rock in their youth and writes music that makes you feel excited.

Wallace’s upcoming self-titled album embodies Canadiana. From living on BC’s west coast to spending time at residencies from Norris Point, Newfoundland to Dawson City, Yukon, the Toronto-based artist has been inspired by every corner of the country. Skye has been cited as one of Canada’s best female artists and aptly described as, “Fire”, by Noisey.

Her last album, Something Wicked, was produced by beloved musician/songwriter Jim Bryson. It was named one of Vancouver Weekly’s Best Albums of 2016, CBC’s Top 8 Albums You Need To Hear This Month, and was dubbed by CBC’s Stephen Quinn, a “kick ass record”.

Skye Wallace – Body Lights the Way

Skye Wallace – Coal In Your Window

Skye Wallace Swing Batter

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