Skinn Jakkitt

Skinn Jakkitt


SKINN JAKKITT is power, groove, metal and crunchy goodness that will set your speakers on fire!! We got the Beast of Vocals with the Rip Van Beard Power Lung thrower from hell Greg Stephens! We got the wall of doom bassist that will drop kick you in the teeth, Mr. Jeff Hayworth! On lead guitar we have “The Metal Riff Master” Barry Lee Sams sawing down massive forests with his viscous distortion! Mr. Shane “Leeroy Chicken Feather” Farris is slamming his megaton Rythm guitar sound to blast you at a 100 miles away!! And Mr. Isaiah Lee, keeping it tight with mega power thunderer of the drums!! We  love what we do and want to bring you into our world! We all Hail from Western NC, and came together out of fate, and the dream of making music our life! So any chance you get to see us, don’t miss it!! LOVE AND SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSICIANS!! We love you long time!!

Greg Stephens (vocals) Isaiah Lee (drums) Jeff Hayworth (bass) Shane Farris (guitars)
Barry Sams (guitars)

Skinn Jakkitt – COVER STORY

Skinn Jakkitt – Black Friday

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Band location – Hickory, North Carolina

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