Skin Tuxedo – Cycle

Skin Tuxedo – Cycle


  1. Cycle
  2. Make Amends
  3. Sleep Paralysis
  4. Signs of Paranoia
  5. Losing It
  6. Limited Light
  7. Keep Coming Back
  8. The Key
  9. Hologram

Danish band Skin Tuxedo give rock music a fresh approach. They give the music that gloomy feel with low tuned guitars, and melancholy lyrics. Their songwriting captures many different genres, stoner rock, hard rock, grunge and heavy metal are all on show here.

The band have just finished their debut full length album in the form of the forceful ‘Cycle’. The album was produced  by Martin Pagaard Wolff (Volbeat, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Pretty Maids). And what an excellent album it is.

It all kicks off with the title track ‘Cycle’. Just under 4 minutes of hard hitting rock’. After the haunting introduction, the galloping drums drive the track into a frenzy that will have you shaking your head in ecstasy. What an opener, ‘Make Amends’ thunders along nicely and contains the coarse riffs that you would associate with any good rock album. ‘Sleep Paralysis’ reminds me a bit of the Foo Fighters (now that can’t be bad). Polished vocals and an awesome chorus ensure that this is a memorable track on this already great record.

I can imagine the band and audience alike bouncing all over the stage to the chunky rocker ‘Signs Of Parania’. I love the way that Skin Tuxedo makes this all sound so easy. The fierce guitars take over at the end and the track takes on new life with a Gregorian like chant to close. ‘Losing It’ takes us to an even better place. This track is a must listen to number. Totally inspired and totally brilliant. I love it. The tempo change in the middle has the listener waiting in excitemnt for the moment that it picks up again, and what a moment that is. One of the best tracks on the album.

I defy anyone not to think of Black Sabbath at the beginning of ‘Limited Light’. It is a much more traditional heavy track, with huge riffs and crashing cymbals throughout. Steady and glorious. ‘Keep Coming Back’ delights in its swagger, the song truly has a swinging feel to it. The dark lyrics cut across as quite desperate and lonely. ‘The Key’ breathes even more life into the variety of genres that inspire Skin Tuxedo. ‘The Key’ is a cleverly crafted 3 minutes of seriously good music. The excellent album closer ‘Hologram’ expertly showcases just how good these guys are. The structure and feel of the number just blew me away. Easily the albums best track. It ticks all the boxes.

‘Cycle’ is evidence that Skin Tuxedo are a band that are on their way up. It is an album that is not afraid to ‘try something different’. It is an album that I highly recommend you check out. These guys mean business.

Skin Tuxedo
Band/Artist location – Esbjerg Denmark
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