Silent Winter – The Circles of Hell

Silent Winter – The Circles of Hell


SILENT WINTER  – “The Circles of Hell”  (Sonic Age Records,  Μay  2019),


1 Infernum
2 Soul Reaper
3 Warriors Of The Sun
4 Follow The Night
5 Final Storm
6 Your Time Has Come
7 Silent Cry (Ft. Dragica Maletic)
8 Keeper Of The Light
9 The Circles Of Hell

Silent Winter is a Greek power/progressive metal band. They were initially formed in the 90’s, but sadly split up after 2 demos. After the reunion they tested themselves with an EP release and here is their first full length.

The full length may come out a bit of late for Silent Winter, but it is an album that sets very high standards for them and instantly gives them place among the biggest names of European Power Metal.

“The Circles of Hell” is a massive release full of melody. The basic ingredient for metal music, the riff, is of very high standards for the genre. The band seems to have worked really well with their music approach and their songwriting.

In “The Circles of Hell” you will find instant heavy/power classics like “Soul Reaper” and the same titled “The Circles Of Hell”, songs in which the Judas Priest influence is more than obvious. There are also power metal dynamites like “Warriors Of The Sun” and the magnificent ballad named “Silent Cry”.

Silent Winter seem to have studied a lot bands like Helloween, Gamma Ray, Angra, Edguy and Stratovarius. Their songwriting is very nice and the structure of the album also works really well.

Their vocalist Mike Livas has one of the best voices I have heard in power metal for years. Be sure to check him out.

“The Circles of Hell” is a groundbreaking debut full length from Silent Winter. I won’t be trapped in my thoughts about what this band could have achieved if they hadn’t split up. I will just say I am thankful for “The Circles of Hell” and looking for more. In fact, I have seen they already released a brand new 7″ with an unreleased track entitled “Nightfall”. I will check this out immediately!

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