Silent Winter – Empire of Sins

SILENT WINTER – album “Empire of sins” (26 Μarch 2021, Pride & Joy Music)

  1. Gates Of Fire
  2. Wings Of Destiny
  3. Shout
  4. Mirror
  5. Hunter’s Oath
  6. Where The River Flows
  7. Dragons Dance 
  8. Emoire Of Sins

After the excellent comeback EP “The War is Here” in 2018, the engines of the Greek Power Metal Gods Silent Winter were set on fire! In 2019 they released their excellent debut album. “The Circles of Hell” included practically everything a power metal fan wants to hear and it gained the band a bigger audience making them known worldwide.

Silent Winter’s latest album Empire of Sins could be no exception in the route they have taken. Including 8 original songs plus a surprise Belinda Carlisle cover on the hit single “Leave a Light On”, it makes a great mix of modern and traditional power metal. The album continues just right from where “The Circles of Hell” had stopped and brings in even more fresh power metal elements.

The songs in Empire of Sins are very melodic and catchy but also edgy wherever needed. Silent Winter maintain the classic metal feel in their work and slide along heavy metal, power metal, and even thrash metal at certain parts. The band’s sound is familiar to everyone who likes the classic works of Helloween, Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray.

The songwriting of the album is glorious and powerful. And, believe me, in this album you get no filler tracks. Everything is put in its right place and makes up a huge album. The pace is mostly mid tempo, with some outbreaks and fewer slow parts.

The guitars offer some of the most glorious riffs you will listen in modern power metal productions. The drums and bass make up a very groovy rhythm section that is solid enough. The vocals are brilliant and they sound like a fresh Dickinson with high falsettos of Halford. There is pure high energy put in these songs both in music and vocals!

The songwriting is utterly good. It emphasizes on the chorus, but never forgets the verses and the leads. The melodies are underlined by great synth parts. The mix and production are truly complimentary and every instrument is heard clearly in the final mix. The guitar sound is crispy but also heavy. The vocals sound magnificent.

All in all, Empire of Sins is a modern gem for heavy/power metal. It covers the gap between old school and modern power metal. It is an extremely enjoyable album and it guarantees to satisfy all heavy metal and power metal fans’ needs. Thumbs up!

Review by Mr Athens 79

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