Silenced Minstrel

Silenced Minstrel
Volume 666
(Blackened Death Metal)

Release Date: August 21, 2021

FFO: Abstracter, Petrification, Noose Rot

FFO: Abstracter, Petrification, Noose RotSilenced Minstrel (age 44 years, born Saiful Nizam Shukor, 28th March 1976) is a full time singer, songwriter musician from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Been playing music since 1991 he co-founded HALUN, a gothic black metal band back in 1996, produced several demos, one EP and one LP before the badly deformed monstrosity was laid to rest in 2015. Writing and producing mostly in his bedroom studio nicknamed “Sky Panacea Enterprise” he spent the entire 2016 gathering writing and recording materials for his debut album “Volume 1” choosing to name it as such as to not make it sounds too rockstar-ish.

The sixth album “Volume 666” is an album that came out in August 2021 and is a continuation of the artist’s previous musical inclination, direction and concept but with an addition of a new band logo and a slightly different album cover art.

Silenced Minstrel – Spawn Of The Abyss

Silenced Minstrel – In Memoriam: October Skies

Silenced Minstrel – Chaos, Revisited

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