Shyyne – Interview

Shyyne – Interview

Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (


PD: What type of artist are you?

Shyyne: Well, we are a 4 piece 80’s style Sleaze Metal band apparently… this is what others like to describe us as. All we know is, WE just love 80’s Hair metal/Glam/Sleaze, it’s what we listen to and its what we wanna do, so this description of us probably fits the bill.


PD: Tell us the brief history of yourself.

Toni: We are from Wolverhampton, the HOME of Rock/Metal/Glam alledgedly. We were formed in around 2015 just before the war. We formed because Mark and I were so fed up with there being NO 80’s style bands ANYWHERE for so long, so LONG!!  At that time, the bands we loved hadn’t been to the UK for ages, the Skid Row, Halen, RATT, LA guns etc so we figured we’d just form an 80’s metal band and do what we love and go out and do some shows, whether anyone wanted to come out and see us or not, it didn’t matter, cos we wanted to do it.. So that’s what we did!

Mark: Somewhere along the way we did an EP called “If I could” and that was the first song we actually ever did live even tho it’s a ballad. It was about one of Toni’s old flames not as he likes to tell people, about having a dump! We played it live at a mate’s birthday party as an impromptu just get up and do it thing, God rest your soul Kev Samudj… It went down really well and that old bug just hit us again. Toni badgered me to start playing live again, so we wrote a 30 minute set, got a bassist and a drummer and went and did a few shows. We are best friends, and we liked doing those gigs, so we did a few more and this is where we are today.

We searched for the right bassist and drummer, went thru a couple along the way. I am the pragmatist and Toni is the diplomat with the personality so we are both different BUT we both wanted the same things. A friend Lisa Billingham alerted Matt that we were looking for a bassist, he actually Volunteered… haha mad bloke!! Toni knew of Matt and was ecstatic that he joined. But we needed the right drummer. Toni had heard of a bloke called Bev who actually lives around the corner from us.

TONI: Yea so, Bev goes in our local, and I’d heard about this mad short punk who wears trousers that only come to his knees, but played the drums like animal… so I waited for him to come in to the Pool Hayes, our local and bought him a beer on condition he talked music to me. We got on like a fire on a house, and after we both got mullered and we’d both walked backwards  home (I walk backwards when I’m totalled, he DOESN’T normally but he did this night so he could talk to my face and not my back!! I thought that was very thoughtful of him personally!!) anyway, I’d convinced him to come down and have a go.

Turns out he is one of the most gifted technical drummers we had ever seen…. And one of the most funny, kind and downright lovely geezers we have ever met. I also thought it was very funny him being called Bev an all, until they all reminded me my name is Toni with an I….. yea woteva!


PD: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Toni: Musically the band are influenced by the 80’s Metal bands. By Sleaze, by Glam and the Hair metal bands. This is what Mark and I grew up with, this is what we love and as WE write the songs and steer the band in it’s direction (think drunk bloke trying to ride a bike haha) these are our influences.. Skid Row-Van Halen- RATT-Faster Pusseycat- LA Guns- Shotgun Messiah- Lynch Mob that kind of stuff. BUT we have a PUNK drummer who loves SkaPunk, a metal loving Bassist who is infinitely more Heavy METAL… Mark our guitarist loves Queensryche and Me, Toni… I love the band Autograph (best song ever written Turn up the Radio!!) Dave Lee Roth is GOD! And I love Fields of Nephilm/The Mission and 80’s New romantic as well!

Non musically I am influenced by Kylie Minogues bum… and GOLD hotpants, I just love them BOTH! And I am a Jedi and try to live my life by their edicts and teachings.  Mainly on Tuesdays.

This is Mark, hi there…Non musically, Toni believes in God, the rest of the band most definitely don’t. Toni firmly believes Star Wars is real but just hasn’t happened yet, the rest of the band think he’s mad. Toni reckons he’s the founder member of the Anti Tomato league as he hates Tomatoes for religious and political reasons. The singer is mental and the rest of the band are all normal.

I am influenced by Paul Gilbert and George Lynch, a shred monster!

Hi, Bev here, the drummer:  I believe in faeries and have a pet cucumber called Henry.

Hi,  Matt here, the bassist: Can you see why I am like I am? You can can’t you…I can’t get a word in edgeways.


PD: What are your dreams and goals?

Toni: The complete eradication of Tomatoes and all who sail in them….. is a dream of mine. Finding a Mascara that doesn’t blind you when it runs… am I allowed to say that, Good, cos I just did hahahahahaha.

Mark: Our dreams are to play festivals in the USA with some of our fave bands, and for 25 million people to buy our album, which means we could go and do another one!! Our GOAL.. Hmmm our goal is to have fun. We aren’t particularly bothered about chasing the dream.. you cannot earn a living doing what we do, (unless you all buy 25 million albums haha) so we just wanna have fun cos when we have fun, so do the audience. And they do, they seem to like us, which is nice! Smiles on faces mean more to us than anything, there are enough deluded folk thinking they’ll get famous… nope we just wanna put smiles on people’s faces. Smiles are GOOD.  We are gonna do what we do anyway, so we’ll take what comes our way with much love and thanks, but if it doesn’t, we’ll still be playing our music cos it’s what WE love doing.


PD: Who writes your songs, what are they about?

Mark and Toni write the songs but now you could say Shyyne do..

BEV: Mark comes to the studio with an idea, a riff… he is big into riffs.  And a solo, he loves to shred, and that will form the initial basis of a song. Toni will then change it, leave it, reverse it, move it… and then come up with the vocal melody, chorus, words.. and now we have Matt and me we’ll generally add drums and bass. Before it was Toni who would do the Bass Line but now we have brilliant Matt to do it… and then the song just happens. Toni once came to the studio with a song but we wouldn’t let him in until he let it go, made him stand outside in the snow, 65 minutes he was there cos he is quite stubborn, stubborn or thick one or the other, he is blonde as well. But that was only once. We are normally quite nice to him. On Tuesdays mainly!

Hiya. Toni here:  Regarding the song subject. I have to see a movie title. As soon as I see the title in what’s left of my brain, I see a chorus, and the words and meaning come from that. Track one on the album is about the state of this planet and the assholes who currently feel they are in charge of parts of it. The North Korea’s and idiot leaders who lie to us all. And its especially about plastic waste in the oceans… God I HATE plastic waste.

Track 9, Shut up, that was about an old flame!! Track 2, Movin’ On was about how I felt recently… Track 3 is called Feelin’ fine, cos I generally am, I am a happy smiley person (generally) so the song is about the fact that I don’t get racked off about stuff too often!! Yea so the songs aren’t pre-determined.. they are about stuff. Good subject stuff is. STUFF happens a lot to me, so I write about STUFF.!


PD: How do you promote your band and shows?

Toni:  Yea, the bain of any bands life. We do as much as we possibly can on social media and flyers etc.. We spend a lot of time and effort promoting gigs which we are a part of, and it’s social media which has made it quite a lot easier. In the old days we have been responsible for wallpapering half of inner city Britain, but it’s a lil easier with FB etc.. Interviews on magazines such as this are a MAJOR help for bands like us IE bands without rich backers who can pay for BIG Promotions et cetera, so doing what you do BRILLIANTLY like you do  … Yea people like you are AWESOME and really give us so much, so please accept our deepest thanks.

Oh and promoters, even though technically it’s their job.. it’s in your name!! PROMOTERS!!! But some don’t seem to have grasped the concept! BUT the ones we work with are brilliant, like Shaun Haynes at KOL promotions.

We don’t like self promotion much, for the band we prefer people to say ”Oh Shyyne, now they are funny, we had a great time at their show, you gotta listen to them or go and see them.” And for the most part that happens. We haven’t got the money to spend on promotion. You see it’s like this, it all depends on how big your budget is as to whether you get the right exposure! Again what guys like you do is a lifeline for bands like us and so again we just wanna say thankyou.


PD: What do you think about downloading music online?

Toni: We are of the opinion that it is what it is! We obviously would prefer people who like our music to physically buy a CD, cos that then gives us the money to go and make more music… ( and for Toni to buy Bourbon) but the simple fact is that downloading is here to stay. Pointless getting all hot and bothered about it. Go with the flo dude.


PD: What song do you wish you’d written and why?

Toni: Turn up the Radio by Autograph. Just cos. Don’t need no reason, but ill give you one… Because the juxta-position of the multi layered harmony

Mark: Jet City woman.

Bev: I can’t write!

Matt: erm, well…. Aaaah.


PD: What are some of your pet peeves?

Toni: Tomatoes, I hate tomatoes. Devils Fruit grown in the loins of Be’Elzebub.


PD: What is your proudest moment in music?

BEV: Could be one of our shows with the various bands we have supported but that should be THEIR most proudest day hahahaha.. Could be when Toni fell OFF stage AGAIN..and missed everybody? Toni: Could be Wolverhampton Wanderers getting promoted (Drummer supports Newcastle United, like a knob!.. but that aint music!

Toni: Firstly… It is the fact that an incredibly man, who has a lil label and is widely loved and respected by absolutely everybody who comes into contact with him…. This man and his team, saw us at one of our shows, then saw us again, and then OFFERED US A RECORD CONTRACT.  Now we know it’s not Sony  etc, but that aint the point. Its is the fact that SOMEONE SAW US, LIKED US AND WANTED TO DO SOMETHING FOR US. Yea YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT THAT MOMENT WAS FOR US??? An alanlogy is called for… so stand by…. Here we go….. A TONI RANT !!!!!

So instead of us swimming up this stream COME RIVER, against the massive current, wildly, madly swimming against this tidal wave… and gaining ground, only for us to be swept back downstream in a torrent of dashed hopes and blood, sweat and tears and hairspray… and fighting so hard to again swim against this massive tumultuous wall of self doubt and anxiety and fear, fighting our way back up constantly alone, constantly battling for every inch, a never ending fight against ever increasing odds, not knowing whether we would ever get upstream to calmer waters before we DIE and getting weaker and weaker and unsure of just how much more this lil fishy could take without at least another 3 bottles of Mr Danielz finest. (Honey and 1 lite bottles, not the cheap size!)… BUT holding onto our last modicum of self belief, our last vestiges of a smile for all our worth…… and then suddenly, SUDDENLY, when all seems lost, THE CLOUDS above slowly disperse, a shaft of sunlight lights the bottom of the stream, the torrent subsides,the current strangely seems easier, slowly the massive waves reduce to mere ripples, the water clears and you see a way thru, a lifeline,and you lift your head into the now still, clear calm air and you see a Keith Lamley standing on the banks bearded and dressed in a white shroud, arms out stretched, bathed in a cool calming white light and as you look deeper in shock and awe, you see him in deep conversation with the almighty, he beckons you to the river bank and in a calm soothing friendly voice, ushers you, he steers you in a direction and your belief slowly returning, your energies slowly restoring, you swim as fast as you possibly can lest this opportunity to BREATHE once again be cruelly snatched from you once more.. but with a new found CONFIDENCE and a knowledge that you are not alone, that someone does believe in you and that there is someone who wants to help you develop, and grow and become the fish you know you can be….

And then he says….. Hey Shyyne, do you wanna sign a contract with WDFD Records then? Right whose getting the beer in?? Yup, it was being offered a record contract by a genius of a geezer and his company! Keith Lamley and WDFD Records Ltd.

Secondly: This new album of ours. The job that Mark Stuart and Sheena did (The producers of Magnum), interpreting our ramblings was superb, and we are proud of this.

And thirdly: When we Re-loaded the Lynch Mob’s tour van when we played with them so they could get all their gear in, when they tried and failed 5 times… and subsequently being thanked by the genius George Lynch himself.. yea that made us proud, it was hysterical mind you, but that was a nice moment!. It’s the little things that mean the most!!


PD: So what are you working on at the moment?

Mark: We are already writing the follow up to this album. We had far too many songs, approx. 986 and a half, so we have about half an album already! Toni is working on a cure for coronavirus involving various mixtures centred around Jack daniels. He has decided to test all of them, it’s his way of saying thankyou to humanity.

New T-shirts, and a new video.


PD: What music have you available online and where can we buy it from?

Toni: We have an old EP available online called “ If I could” and we have our new album  called “Go your own way” which is released on the 4th April. BOTH Available on Spotify/Amazon?Itunes etc etc or you can buy a proper CD from our online shop on our facebook page.

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