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ShotGun 21

shotgun 21

……. making bad decisions seem cool since 2013
We are Shotgun21 from Crawley, West Sussex, a 4 piece band blending the sum of our influences (punk, 90’s indie, grunge and rock) into our own style of original songs, The band is Michael Jones (vocals guitars) Ian Pearce (bass ) Brian Poole (keyboards/samples) and Simon Helm (drums). We have been playing together for about 4 years.
Our first album was released in march 2015 to great reviews
We have a new Ep released march 2017…Cyclone Ranger Ep feaures 4 tracks including the Ska-punk infuenced “Crazy kind of way”

ShotGun 21 – Cyclone Ranger

ShotGun 21 – Ivory Snow

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Band location – Crawley England

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