Shadow People

On March 19th SHADOW PEOPLE will release “Batom Rouge/Washing in Soap Opera” via Forbidden Place Records. The album contains two of the band’s previously released EP’s on one compact disc.


Baton Rouge’s finest sludge punk, Shadow People have been destroying musical norms since 2013. While their initial progress was slow, they’ve spent the last few refining their sound into the pure and powerful force they garner today around the city they call home. Like an oven, Baton Rouge has cooked the noisy, feed-back fueled rock into a devastating hammer of passion and pain through the local punk and hardcore scene resulting in something they call emotional sludge core. With powerful live shows, the bands energy and momentum is a palpable driving force that slaps you in the face in its unrelenting path.

From guitar parts dipping in sultry nightmares to smoke filled lungs and devastating dynamic changes Matt Conradi(guitar/vocals/general mischief) screams forth with both voice and guitar as one and drags you into his fuzz-filled paradise of pain and redemption. Matt’s feedback induced spasms and woeful lyrics are punctuated by the thunderous fury of Percy Bergeron(drums) after a chance meeting outside of a local bar in 2013. Percy’s hits fall like hammers driving you to edge of empty after years of playing in bands around Louisiana.

The band was two piece until budding guitarist, Zak Lanius decided to take the bass from 2015 to late of 2019. 2017 saw the release of Pharamoans an honest and angry shout in the night at all the situations and people that might inhibit them. Despite a city wide flood that took their home and other numerous setbacks, Shadow People, with the help of friends and family, rose to the occasion and condensed their hardships and everything they’d learned together into a not quite whiny howl at the moon to show the forces of man and nature that were ready for it and weren’t backing down.

2018 was followed by their Ep release, “Secrets”. The EP was a dark look at the past of members of the band in the most therapeutic and positive way possible. More time and rhythm changes, more ear piercing noise with heart felt lyrics of despair and recovery.

2021 will see the release of Shadow People’s  LP,  “Batom Rouge/Washing In Soap Opera” Along with their new bass player, Paul Goings (guitarist/vocalist from StruggleBear.) The LP is a combo of their past two EP’s that will be released with Forbidden Place Records. The songs speak of prayers of breaching levees, substance abuse problems in the city and lack of originality in the world today. Faster paced punk riffs and sloppy chords that put you right in your place. The songs get noisey and different as the record plays through leaving you the closure you were asking for.

Shadow People – Every Man A Sot

Shadow People – State and Perish

Shadow People – Glass Houses

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