Seraph In Travail

Philadelphia outfit Seraph In Travail was conceived in 2008 by guitarist Joe Bonner and vocalist Jon Sutherland as a melody-driven metal band with strong classical influence.  Releasing their debut EP Achieved in Flatline in 2012 and a 2015 full length album, Bring Forth Death, the band brought drummer Mike Shaw and guitarist Dan Shegue into the fold in 2016.  This new lineup went to work on a sophomore album: Lest They Feed Upon Your Soul.  

Lest They Feed Upon Your Soul was released digitally on April 30th, 2019 and CDs are due out July 12th.   Founding guitarist Joe Bonner has taken a step back from the band, but the now-trio continues to bring their vicious brand of symphonic death metal to the masses.

Jonathan Sutherland – Bass/Vocals
Dan Shegogue – Guitar
Mike Shaw – Drums

Seraph In Travail – To Atom Crushing Glory

Seraph In Travail – Temptress Suicide

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