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September Sky

September Sky

September sky

From the Crossroads of America Indianapolis, Indiana – USA, the metal band September Sky is turning heads all around the world. Fans describe their songs as “Disturbed meets Tool and Alice In Chains”. 

In a sea of mediocre alternative metal, September Sky stands out not only with their magnetic twist of alternative grunge rock and thrash metal influences, but also their well-known empowering and inspiring vocals and refreshing guitar solos. 

Their debut EP Bright Sides To Dark Days received international critical acclaim, landing them on the map with “One of the most original albums in a very long time”. Letter To Fear was released in 2013 and features “Driving bass lines, ominous guitar riffs and thundering drums that permeate and rip through you with original hard hitting lyrics” (itunes 2010).

2016 was a very successful year for September Sky as they hit the studio to record and produce a new EP. September Sky released The Dying Season on November 2016 receiving four and five-star reviews, and gaining thousands of new fans around the world.

September Sky sets the bar for both independent artists and the alternative metal genre alike. What makes September Sky so distinctive is their empowering message and combination of influences and genres they so magically blend together. In a genre where many bands subject matter and the world’s view tends to revolve around the dark and negative side of life, September Sky effortlessly evokes inspirational thoughts and empowers you to conquer life and truly experience the passion that metal music stirs deep in your soul.

September Sky – Pieces

September Sky – Fallacy

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