September Again

September Again

September Again mixes trip-hop, stoner, post-rock, and electro essences to find a structure, a sense, a common vibration. And release them in a powerful and atmospheric epidermal rock music. The first album of the band, “Insomniac”, will finally be released on March 18, 2017.

The band has also just released, on July 3rd 2018, a music video for their track “In Vitro”. The latter was filmed by Benjamin GOLETTO.

On this release, Loïc CHANUT (bass, vocals) comments:

“In Vitro is a very special song for us. In fact, it was the first song composed by the band. It really laid the foundations of our identity in the broad sense: we all came as we were, whole and generous. It was like cooking something with 4 foods with very distinct flavors. It seems like no one could have known if it would work or not. But that was kind of a revelation for us four. “We want to do that, we want to be that”.

This song is from our debut LP “Insomniac”. It’s an album that seems pretty compact, very dark, because it was written during a rather hard and lonely period for some of us. In fact, I think the album oscillates permanently, between this darkness and brighter passages, between clean and dirt. Maybe we are bipolar in the end… or worse.”


September Again – In Vitro

September Again – Pocket Love

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