In search of a new brand of metal music, these four hardened musicians gathered to produce a different and refreshing type of heavy music.

In 2018 Sentre decided to share their hard work with the world and they headed into the studio. They first released ‘Herd’ and later on ‘The Stray’ and ‘Odium’

The band is powered by Nick Lamote’s raging and powerful vocals, Dries’ dazzling guitar work, Kristof’s  bendy bass work and Jonas’ kick ass powerful drum grooves.

These four are not to be underestimated when it comes down to creating innovative and inspiring music while remaining a solid, heavy,  punch-to-the-gut metal band.

All this translates in an energetic , in your face live performance. Sucking you in with a crushing show, it is nearly impossible to stay static when experiencing them.

In March 2020 they will do an official release of their (already available) mini-EP.

Sentre consists of:

Nick Lamote – Vocals
Dries Van Belle – Guitar, backing vocals
Jonas Delbecke – Drums
Kristof Taveirne – Bass guitar

Sentre – Herd

Sentre – The Stray

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