Seeds of 77

We’ve Still Got Christmas 21

Last year, new wave supergroup Seeds of 77 were challenged to write and release a Christmas song in less than two weeks. They managed to do so with We’ve Still Got Christmas, which managed to be played on the very station that issued the challenge.  However, much more importantly, they wanted to use this energy to do something useful.  Hence the song was released on Bandcamp and, from there, managed to raise over £1,100 for UK homeless charities. 

Well, they’re at it again. They have recorded the song with updated lyrics to make it more relevant to today.  This year’s featured Charity will be The Clock Tower Sanctuary.  A Brighton based facility that provides hot meals, laundry, shower facilities, classes and activities to 16 to 25-year-olds sleeping rough or in emergency housing.  It relies solely on donations, and you can imagine how tough things are right now.

So, for a minimum donation of £4, people can download three excellent tracks and help make a difference this year.

Seeds of 77 have raided the wardrobe of modern rock history, redesigning and reinterpreting the music they’ve always loved and giving it a contemporary post-millennial spin.  Arriving dressed up, messed up and draped in a range of influences from 60s psychedelia and garage punk through glam, blues and the 70s UK Punk Rock Explosion, SO77 create a heady melange of old-school energy and new ideas fused in a mutant, highly contagious strain of Rock ’n’ Roll that’s old enough to know better and young enough not to care.

Having gigged extensively over the last couple of years to ever increasing and appreciative audiences, the Covid outbreak found SO77 stuck on lockdown with a wealth of material and the desire to get it heard.  And so came “Lockdown Breakout”, their debut album.  Recorded on the fly over the last year using home studios and digital file sharing, it’s a snapshot of a band overloaded with ideas and straining at the leash to get out there and play.  Lockdown Breakout is coming, and this summer belongs to Seeds of 77.  Join us and we can make it grow into something unstoppable.

Full Line-up:
Vince Mahon: Vocals
Michi Sinn: Vocals
Richard Sheldrake: Guitar/Vocals
Finn Panton: Bass/Vocals
Simon Daniels: Keyboards
Neil Harris: Drums 

Seeds of 77 – We’ve Still Got Christmas 2021

Seeds of 77 – The Trickster

Seeds of 77 – Subtirranean Homesick Beast


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