Secret Iris

Secret Iris
What Are You Waiting For
Crisis Tree Records
Release: 27 May 2022

Embracing the darker side of the human existence, SECRET IRIS evoke a gloomy mood with heavy fuzz tones, soaring vocals and dynamic rhythms. Drawing musical inspiration from the likes of TYPE O NEGATIVE, NIRVANA, PINK FLOYD, and BAUHAUS, the trio’s sound is an eclectic mix with a nostalgic edge.

SECRET IRIS was born out of chance with Jeffrey Owens (GOYA, SPIRIT ADRIFT) writing in 2017 material initially intended for a new GOYA record. With the new tracks taking on a different character they were separated off to become SECRET IRIS. The new release delivers a powerful throwback to the early 00s with “What Are You Waiting For” packing a melancholic minimalist verse, reminiscent to NIRVANA, contrasted with an anthemic chorus. Heavy guitars and bass morph into a wall of sound, grounding the track with behemothic rhythms. “Extrasensory Rejection (Winter Sanctuary)” delivers a fast pace with energetic guitars and percussion. Progressing into a slow, doom-esque bridge, the track explores multiple layers both musically and conceptually.

The What Are You Waiting For 7” is the first release on new label Crisis Tree Records. CTR specializes in pressing limited-run 7” vinyl. This release (and all following) will be limited to 100 black vinyl, and 25 hand-made Wax Mage copies.

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Jeffrey Owens (GOYA, SPIRIT ADRIFT) – vocals, guitar
Tanner Crace (SORXE) – bass, vocals
Matt Arrebollo (GATECREEPER) – drums


Album Credits:

Engineered by Zachary Rippy at Sound Signal Audio
Mastered by Dennis Pleckham at Comatose Studio
Cover Art by Velvastein
Photo by Hayley Rippy

Secret Iris – What Are You Waiting For

Secret Iris – Extrasensory Rejection (Winter Sanctuary

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