Sebia – Acceptance Of Reality

Sebia – Acceptance Of Reality

SEBIA –  “Acceptance Of Reality” (9th June 2023).

  1. Lockdown
  2. Get out of your heads
  3. Shipwreck
  4. Cosmic Self
  5. Voices
  6. Ship lost through the mist
  7. Witch Hunt ft Tania Leontiou Universe 217
  8. Acceptance Of Reality

The new album of Sebia coming out the ninth day of June and we can’t wait for this disc! This is the debut album for the band from Greece and the truth is that the whole atmosphere around this release, which called “Acceptance Of Reality”, is better than you thought.

8 tracks, well painted artwork with an interesting design and a title that creates questions to your mind. Questions, about the reality. A reality that is built up via the music of Sebia that makes you warm and strong. The combination of this band is really interesting, cause you can find some strong instrumental techniques and melodies and some sweet and gently play on the tracks that makes the listener dig deeper for this band. Even though this album presents their baby steps, you will find yourself to receive their music like you do when you listening a big band with big and strong discography and this element something that you can’t leave it outside.

“Acceptance Of Reality” has a lot to give to the listener and the music genres that you discover here can reach out a lot of people. Hard Rock, Metal, Progressive Rock and if you listen carefully you may find some groovy touches. Brilliant work from the band. They put their mind and their passion to their songs and the person that will choose this CD will be blessed from the final result. Listen carefully their songs titled as “Voices”, “Get Out Of Your Heads”, “Witch Hunt”, “Ship Lost Through The Mist” and “Acceptance Of Reality” and you will be happy as I am!

If I have to pick only one key-element from this album, that it will be the mind behind this project! Sebia manage to create something really interesting that gets into your mind and get stuck with you. The repeat button is on repeat and you have the feeling that you want to listen them again and again! Really powerful approach from a new band and a debut album!

Greeks are here and the future of the music scene belongs to them! Congrats guys!

Review by Mr Athens 79

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