Sea Sleeper

Sea Sleeper
Metal Assault Records
5 November 2021

Following the success of their debut record ‘Nostophobia’, Portland based post death/ prog band Sea Sleeper and unleashing the album on vinyl via Metal Assault Records.

 “‘Nostophobia’ was always meant to be a vinyl experience. To our supporters, friends, and Metal Assault Records, thank you! You were all vital in the orchestration of our vision.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Sea Sleeper were quick to reach out to the community, from which they formed, and organize a benefit comp that raised over $1000 in relief funds for music promoters. Their devotion to the underground is an attitude guaranteed to take them far.
‘Nostophobia’ delivers a hard-hitting sound from beginning to end. Opening with the intense ‘Salt’, the album begins a journey through heavily distorted instrumentation, obliterating harsh vocals, and utterly ludicrous energy from the percussion. Dynamic clean vocals, such as in ‘Old Guard’, enhance the texture of their sound without losing the all-encompassing dark atmosphere. Whilst ‘Mountain Carver’ delves into technical realms with intricate melodies and riffs running throughout, accompanied by dissonant chord progressions. Influenced by the likes of Gorguts and Gojira or even Mastodon and Blut Aus Nord, Sea Sleeper experiment with crossing genre boundaries and manipulating different styles.
The vinyl release of ‘Nostophobia’ seeks to celebrate the success granted to them so early in their career. Despite the troubles of the pandemic, they are hard at work on their second album and are determined to support the underground scene that has cultivated their music.

Sea Sleeper is:

Shane Cooley- Drums
Jess Cooley- Guitar & Vocals
Nick Kessler – Bass & Vocals

Sea Sleeper – Nostophobia

Sea Sleeper – Nihilism

Sea Sleeper – Mountain Carver

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