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Schrodinger’s Strings

Schrodinger's Strings

Hailing from Hertford, UK, the first time that Steve, Carol and I all performed live as a trio was May 2012 at the Hertford Corn Exchange.

Until then I had been running a local open mic night and one night Steve turned up with his harp and the two of us jammed out Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses. It went down very well with the audience and as we both really liked the sound of a harp and an acoustic guitar we decided to meet up on a more regular basis and learn some new tunes, a mixture of covers and originals. We were asked to play at the Corn Exchange for a half hour slot so we needed a name. We settled on “The 28 String Orchestra” (22 strings on Steve’s harp and 6 on my guitar).

By this time Carol had purchased a harp and taught herself some tunes so she guested with us for “A Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procul Harum. Having two harps in our trio really added to the sound and gave us what we believed to be a totally unique line up . We now had more than 28 strings in the band so a new name was needed. We settled on Schrödinger’s Strings with reference to the Austrian physicist’s theory about the uncertainty regarding the wellbeing of a cat. We never knew how many strings we would have on stage at any one time.

We started rehearsing on a regular basis and the set started to grow along with our reputation. We found attending open mic nights to be a great way of getting our act out to new people and found our brief slots turning into featured slots then full gigs. Since 2012, we have played many festivals including Rock at the Castle (Hertford), Ploughfest (Kings Walden), Birkfest (Dronfield) and supported Ade Edmonson at the Milton Keynes I.F. festival.

We also found various radio stations keen to interview us so performed live on BBC 3 Counties, Tropical FM, SG-1 and on a Minster FM roadshow in York. In November 2014, we also were honoured to beat 100s of other entrants to win a competition run by Jack FM to play in front of 30,000 people at Oxfordshire’s annual firework display.

2014 saw us record our first album at Headline Studios in Cambridge. In 2015 this was remastered by renowned producer Jonathan Miller and is available from us directly on CD and also avaialble to stream or download online (Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play). In July 2016 we recorded our second album and we are hoping for a release by the end of August!

One of the highlights of 2015 was our invite to perform at a celebrity function at the beautiful home of the late Robin Gibb CBE in September. We also came runner-up in the UK Songwriting Competition with Kesso Sonata, written by Steve on the beautiful island of Alderney several years ago. This year, we were crowned “Best Acoustic Act” in the Cambridge Band Competition, which secured us a fab slot at Cambridge’s own Strawberry Fair and also a slot at the amazing Camp Bestival in Dorset.

We are now booked every weekend until mid-October 2016 and we are having a great year, playing lots of new (and old!) venues and getting our music out into the world.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped and encouraged us on our journey so far and are looking forward to meeting friends both old and new as we hit the road.

Biography by Ed Brown

Schrodinger’s Strings – Cabin

Schrodinger’s Strings – Waves

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