Scarlet Rebels – See Through Blue

Scarlet Rebels – See Through Blue

I’m Alive (3:11)
Storm (3:36)
London Story (3:37)
These Days (4:43)
Take You Home (4:01)
I Can Sleep Now (3:56)

I Can’t Say (3:41)
Take It (3:28)
Leave A Light On (4:39)
We’re Going Nowhere (3:32)
Everything Changed (3:52)
See Through Blue (4:02)

Release date: Fri 28 January 2022
Label: Earache Records
Format: Vinyl, Coloured Vinyl, CD, Cassette, Digital Download

Recorded: Sonic One Studio, Llangennech, Llanelli between Sept – Dec 2020
Produced and engineered: Tim Hamill
Assistant: Alex Owens
Coverart: Holy Moly




  • Lead Vocals – Wayne Doyle
  • Backing vocals – Wayne Doyle, Josh Townshend, Wayne Pablo Esmonde, Gary Doyle, Tim Hamill
  • Guitars – Wayne Doyle, Chris Jones, Josh Townshend
  • Lead guitar – Chris Jones – all songs except on London Story & See Through Blue – Josh Townshend
  • Bass Guitar – Wayne Pablo Esmonde
  • Drums – Gary Doyle
  • Piano and keyboards – Josh Townshend

Llanelli 5 piece Scarlet Rebels release their second album “See Through Blue” via Earache Records on the 28th January 2022. I was fortunate to get a listen to this stunning album before its release and wow, what an album this is.

The fact that vocalist Wayne Doyle writes about the real world, he writes what he sees, he writes from the heart, insures that the tracks on this album are at such a high standard that they deserve to be listened to. Combine that with some outstanding musicianship and skillful performances and we are left with something really quite special.

The album begings with “I’m Alive” an all out rock track with a stunning chorus that just oozes that Scarlet Rebels live sound.  The anthemnic “Storm” is next and the power that these guys possess is on full show here. I can just see the fans screaming the chorus back at the band. What a great track. The more uptempo “London Story” shifts gears a little and reveals a more tightly arranged sound. I love Wayne Doyle’s vocals on this track. Gary Doyle’s thumping drums smack you in the face and Josh Townshend’s lead guitar impresses as this stand out track excels.

“These Days” is the latest single by the band and I am so glad that they have released it. The song is an out and out stadium rocker. It is about society’s failings. It’s about the failure of the Government to ensure that kids of families on the breadline are getting fed. It’s about a media that manipulates the public into reacting to what ‘they’ want you to react to. It is quite a dark song, but also a very important song for our time. You simply have to watch the video for “These Days”. It shows the band fulfilling their promise to help local societies by organising a Food Bank Initiative (see more about it here) where fans donate what they can and the band help distribute these items to those that are in need.

“Take You Home” thunders along from the off. Another cracking song that will leave you breathless. “Take You Home” is full of hope, you are not alone, there is help. Chris Jones plays a superb solo on this high-speed, 4 minute epic. Much as “Heal” does for the band’s previous album “Show Your Colours” “I Can Sleep Now” grants a moment of relief to the heaviness of the previous tracks. An intense number with a true ‘heart on your sleeve’ lyric. Another belter of a song that starts quietly only to build and build to a stunning climax.

“I Can’t Say” marches in with a familiar pounding beat. Very heavy with a serious strut, almost Marilyn Manson like in its energy. Another sing-along chorus that will be remembered for a long time. “Take It” follows and we have the great chorus back with a vengeance. The steady bass of Wayne ‘Pricey’ Esmone guiding this one along nicely. The album’s ballad is next in the form of the wonderful “Leave A Light On”. The diversity of Scaret Rebels is revealed here. What a beautiful song, get the lighters out ready cos you’re gonna be waving them at that gig.

The funkier “We’re Going Nowhere” breathes new life into the album with its swanky rocking vibe. I simply love “Everything Changed”. This band are truly magnificent. I get more and more impressed with the band as I listen to and get amazed at the quality of each track. Where are they taking me next?

The album ends with the title track “See Through Blue”. A song about the corruption all around us. The evil of those that don’t even care who knows what they are doing, ‘cos they’re gonna do it anyway. The bare faced lies of the people in a position of trust who are only in it for themselves. It’s a very dark and strong number with a powerful message. 

It has been well publicised that  “See Through Blue” is an album of our times. It leans to political unrest, mistrust and disbelief. It covers the horrific pandemnic and desperate times that we are stuck in. It is an album fueled by hate and yet sprinkled with pride and love. It is very deep and honest and above all it is absolutely brilliant.

Scarlet Rebels have created a masterpiece. This album will go leaps and bounds towards Scarlet Rebels getting the recognition that they so richly deseve. This is a true 10/10 album.

Pete Devine (Petes Rock News and Views)

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