Sands Of Eternity

SANDS OF ETERNITY Enlightened (Mighty Warrior) from album “Beyond The Realms Of Time” by Symmetric Records

Sands Of Eternity are an evolution of Hourglass Sands Of Eternity or most commonly known as Hourglass SOE. Initially the band was formed back in 1996 in Athens and after two demos they released their debut and only album in 2002 entitled Journey To Infinity. 

Soon after, the band split up and each member continued its own path, up until 2021 when the guitarist and main composer Ioannis Ioakimides joined forces with the singer Michael “Dice” Papadakis in order to record the album “Beyond The Realms Of Time”, changing also the name of the band by dropping Hourglass and keeping Sands Of Eternity. The band also features Thanassis Skoutelis (bass), Vangelis Kalentzis (keyboards), Michalis Skoutelis (drums) and Kostas Nanos (guitars). 

 “Beyond The Realms Of Time” consists of ten new songs written by Ioannis Ioakimides and produced by Bob Katsionis, always in the spirit of heavy / power metal keeping the lyrical characters of the band’s roots but also evolving in terms of sound and aesthetics. 

Produced & Mixed by Bob Katsionis
Recorded at Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens, GR
Mastered by Nasos Nomikos at VU Productions, GR
Artwork by Uwe Jarling
Released by Symmetric Records
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  1. Still Awake
  2. Enlightened (Mighty Warrior)
  3. The Hitman
  4. Faded
  5. Red Flag
  6. Desire
  7. Shadows Of Light
  8. A Different Way
  9. So Far Away (A Soldier’s Cry)
  10. Beyond The Limits

All Music & Lyrics by Ioannis Ioakimides


Ioannis Ioakimides: Guitars
Michael “Dice” Papadakis: Vocals
Thanassis Skoutelis: Bass
Vangelis Kalentzis: Keyboards
Michael Skoutelis: Drums
Kostas Nanos: Guitars

Sands Of Eternity – Enlightened (Mighty Warrior)

Sands Of Eternity – Shadows Of Light

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