Sam’s Dice Band

Sam’s Dice Band

Sam’s Dice Band is a combination of musical adventures in several genres and some edge lyrics. We really don’t have musical boundaries and there will be surprising variety of songs released in one years time. That includes some themed packages and single songs by themselves. We’re actually more a musical society, though most songs at the moment are by me and this first youtube-release is completely from my hand. Next release, a song called Muddy ground, is also almost ready to go and will be released next week also as a youtube-video. So, we have a musical adventure traveling from simple acoustic guitar-singer folk-type songs to 7/4-progrock-artworks and straight rock songs to pop-ballades 🙂 This is not necessarily commercially wise but that ain’t the main target anyway, we like to produce all this without a label at least now. 

This first release is a story of what’s happening on the streets in many cities in many countries at the moment as young people are cheated to join violence acts and how anger and hate are used as leading method. That doesn’t end well. Here is the link once again’

Sam’s Dice Band – Waves

Sam’s Dice Band – Finally

Sam’s Dice Band – Anger

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