Sam Janesko

Sam Janesko

The new EP from Sam Janesko is here and it’s oozing with fun. The alternative indie rock artist does pretty much everything himself from performing to writing, and even recording. The songs from the Revolving Man release show an array of moods and styles, but even so, they seamless flow into each other as if to tell a story. 

 “The entire album basically talks about intense personal change, positive changes, that bring me closer to living up to my potential. To be a better friend and a better person in general. Even though this album is basically structured like pop, I tried not to think of it that way, to avoid classic structural patterns. I think my goal with this song in particular was to use it as a jumping off point to slowly start to morph the classic form into something else throughout my future music.”

 All in all, the EP rocks all the way through!

Sam Janesko – The Mouse’s Tail

Sam Janesko – Metamorphic

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