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saints of lust

Saints of Lust’s sound is a collaborative mix from the individual influences of each of the Saint’s members. A wide array of punk, metal, pop, and 70’s influenced hooks, the Saint’s strive to bring an element to their music that reflects the emotion and excitement of the song’s storyline
Formed in the summer of 2010, founding member Greg Turner came up with the name while on the highway to a show in Kansas City, MO. “I originally wanted to call the band M*therF*cker, but got talked out of it”, he laughs, “Although it would make a great album title”.
The group’s debut EP, Rockstars and Dollparts, was released in July of 2014 and included fan favorites Midnight Christ, Believe and Knucklebone. Tales of the After, the Saint’s sophomore release features a mix of driving rhythms, storyteller-like lyrics, and enough hooks to catch the ear of anyone who enjoys the elements of a great rock record. Officially released on October 31, 2015, Tales offers a more sophisticated sound & songwriting effort from the band.
The band aims to launch a new release each year along with several supporting music videos for each. Songs for the third cd have already been started with more ideas always in motion.

Greg Turner
Michael Gagliani
Will Oxford
Roger Fletcher

Saints of Lust – The Machine

Saints of Lust – Destruction

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