Saints of Death

Saints of Death

Saints of Death – Ascend To The Throne – Out July 10, 2020
For fans of Motorhead, Lamb of God, Pantera, DevilDriver

Vancouver’s Saints of Death have a new album “Ascend To The Throne” coming out on July 10, 2020 via Head Rattle Productions INC. The album is a 7 track ripping and cohesive album and the second in the Saints of Death repertoire following the 2015 self-titled EP. With a different lineup than the debut effort, Saints of Death now boasts a more robust group that is tighter, more aggressive, and more melodic than ever before along with still featuring their signature sound of having two bassists. They quote about the new lineup:

“This album has been a long time coming, and we cannot wait to get it into the ears of our fans. Our current line up has been together since 2018 and we have really gelled as friends and as band members. Naturally, with this kind of chemistry going on, it was finally time to record a new album.”
Comprising tracks that the band has wanted to release for a long time, it has been a waiting game until the right guys were in line to bring them to fruition. Now, the wait is now over and Saints of Death is primed to kick some ass!

For fans of Pantera, DevilDriver, and Arch Enemy: Saints of Death is the double bass attack you need to listen to now!

What the press has said:“Vancouver based groove death metal band is doing something different in the metal genre by having a double bass attack with towering lead singer Twan Holliday on 8 string bass and Stony Gingras on 5 string.” – The Province (Vancouver)  

“This dual bass 4 piece, is pure metal. Melodic and hard-driving with a huge bottom end (how could you not when you have both a 4 stringer and an 8 string bass at the same time!). This got the crowd more frenzied and the pit started to gain activity.. they set themselves apart with their unique brand of thrash, doom, and hardcore. The first thing you will notice about this band is the incredible stage presence of frontman Twan Holliday whom stands nearly 7 feet tall.” – Live Review 2017 opening for Lordi – Patchord News

“Damn, this was a real surprise. Saints Of Death are a fireball of molten metal.” – XS Rock (Review of Self-Titled EP 2015)  

“If you can imagine what Pantera might have been like if they had channeled the hostility into a social conscience, or if Lamb Of God had issued their invitation to march on those in power, you will be somewhere close to what is on offer here. Saints Of Death have come up with the most promising brutal debut in a long time. Rating 9.5/10” – Maximum Volume Music (Review of Self-Titled EP 2015)  

1.  “Give me all your money” said the cops!!
24 HOURS  EARLIER in Zacatecas, Mexico…

It was show number one of our first-ever Mexican tour in November 2018.  What an awesome experience and a great show. The crowd loved us and we had a killer set.  At the hotel that night, my room had no heat, no hot water and the box spring was a concrete slab.  The concrete made the bed very cold even with all the blankets on it.  I slept in the Van for the night so I could turn the heat on, because I didn’t want to get sick.

The next morning we set out on the road back to Mexico City. I was driving the tail vehicle and the boys were in the rental van.  Out of nowhere, the two-lane road we were on turned into a 3 lane Highway. There was a semi-truck riding the yellow line in the middle of the road with a car on the left side. The car was coming right at us not slowing down… I had no choice but to pull onto shoulder of the road as they drove past. It took a few attempts to get used to driving in Mexico.

Later that afternoon, we’re still on our way back to Mexico City. We looked in the rearview mirror to find that we were getting told to pull over by the cops. They had no lights and were just waving us over.  Naturally, we wondered what we did.  Two police came to my side of the car, speaking Spanish and acting very excited.  We didn’t understand much Spanish at time so we pulled out a translator app on my phone.

One cop went over to talk to the passenger but thought he was talking to someone from Mexico. He told the app, which he thought was a person, that we were stupid tourist and he was going to make us pay.  He told the app (the Local) that he wanted us to give him all the money in the vehicle and to put it on the inside passenger armrest.  He did this so the cameras could not see him take the money.

He was not satisfied with what we gave him and said we would have to follow him to a bank machine to get him more cash. I told the older cop we had no more cash and showed him my empty wallet. Just then he saw my Gene Simmons kiss ring on my left hand and said “KISS, the Demon” and stuck out his tongue. I said “Yes, Kiss, the Demon“ and we both stuck out our tongues together. He then talked to the cop with the machine gun who wanted more money from us and they ended up letting us go.

Thank the Gods of Rock & Roll, as the Demon saved us some cash on tour.

It is nothing but an adventure every time we go on tour.

Gospel by Twan.

2.  In June of 2019, we played two nights at Festival Motociclista Aguascalientes. Friday night & Saturday night. First night we played third to last, before Here comes the Kraken & Green Jelly. Our set was killer people went NUTS!! Twan ran off stage and puked & passed out at the end of the last song, but that’s another story.

After our set I was in the backstage lounge, getting water and deciding to eat cheese pizza or sushi that had been sitting out in 28 degree weather since 5pm. It was then I saw something move in the landscaped rocks next to the tent. It was a baby grey tarantula. It was amazing looking. So I decided to catch it and show everyone, especially Chris. Chris has a pure hatred & fear of spiders, despises them.

So with the help of my guitar tech Arturo & our sound guy T.J. I went to capture this bugger. I tore the top cardboard off some sugar packs & grabbed a clear solo cup to catch this bad boy. He put up no struggle, so now I have a big as grey tarantula, what to do next.

Arturo ran off to bring Chris back from the stage. So I start walking to where he’s gonna be. As Chris approached me I screamed “Look at this!!!!” It took a second but then he went pale and realized what I had in the cup. We were in Green Jelly’s green room area. As I stepped towards Chris, he I instantly jumped over a big chair to get away from me. He threw a an empty beer can at me, then an almost full beer at me while running away at the same time. Chris then found a can of whipped cream as a weapon.

The whole time everyone was dying we were laughing so bloody hard, and Chris was dropping Expletives that would make a comedian blush. I then did what any nature lover would do & let the little grey guy back loose, next to the beer cooler just to be an asshole. The only sad thing is except a picture of the spider, no one filmed this jackass moment.

The End.  – Ashley Blue

3.  We were down in Mexico doing a couple of performances for a Biker Festival last year. One of the artists we were performing with was Dee Snider of the legendary and iconic group Twisted Sister.  We had performed the previous night as well, and the green tent behind the stage was a communal place for everyone to hang out. The second night was a bit different as Dee had his area of the green tent sectioned off with barricades in order to keep the other few headlining acts in their own area of the green tent. No one seemed to mind much, however there was one major problem. The cooler with all the Corona (festival sponsor) was unfortunately on his side of the barricades. We were all pretty parched and had no beer. After about 15 minutes of pleading with the festival organizers for more beer for our side of the tent, they proceeded to enter Dee’s area and pull the entire cooler of corona onto our half haha. Not many bands can say they stole Dee Snider’s beer cooler, but somehow we got away with it haha. – Christopher James

Saints of Death – Repentance

Saints of Death – New album promo

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