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Saint Sapphire

“Saint Sapphire, as a sound emerged from a place in between the artistic indie/pop and punk movements emerging from Northern Ireland, taking upbeat songs but also hitting them really hard, while also providing their own streetwise swagger, unique musicality and infectious hooks, writing songs about life in Belfast and beyond in the 21st century.
“Acquifoliacae…Like juggling on the lord’s day” from their latest single “Hurricane” is a slightly “tongue in cheek” reference to the corruption and incompetence that have led to their home province of Northern Ireland being without effective Government for nearly 18 months.
Their songs are full of “anthemic choruses” mixed with veritable aggression, angst and anger all topped off with huge amounts of frustration that have led them to being described by one US Commentator as reminiscent of the early Clash and before that vintage British rockers, The Who. 
Front man, and lead songwriter Sam Morgan’s performances on stage have often been likened to the vintage frustration and anger demonstrated in early days by Pete Townsend.
The band is made up of four lads from across Northern Ireland, frontman, guitarist and primary songwriter Sam Morgan, drummer Adam Walker, lead guitarist Danny Martin and bassist Shea McAuley.
Having gained the attention of the people at BBC Introducing, RTE Radio in Dublin and many more, the band’s following continues to grow rapidly, with their debut UK show headlining The Water Rats in London in February 2018 being a “tour de force”, followed by a return to London at the Rocksteady in Dalston on June 28th.
In amongst requests to tour Europe and the USA, the band continues to plot more UK dates for the future.
Saint Sapphire bring their ruckus sonic assault to the people of Belfast and beyond, but firmly on their own terms.”
On the song, frontman Sam says:
“It’s almost like a Jekyll and Hyde situation where you feel that “life is wonderful” and then reality hits and you realise that (in Northern Ireland), corruption, incompetence and arguing over petty issues like “juggling on the lord’s day” mean that we’ve had no effective Government for 18 Months and no sign of any improvement soon”.

Saint Sapphire – Hurricane

Saint Sapphire – Pretty Little Animals

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