Sacrificial Slabs

Sacrificial Slabs

Slabs is a extreem band, but also we are very entertaining- you never know what crazy shit you will see, every show is unique. 
Myself and Simon(drummer) started this idea of- lets go super heavy, and yes, we were hammered. I played mostly bass in bands, so there was my opportunity for trying out my low tuned guitars. And it bloody worked like a charm! Then we invited these crazy maniacs to sing (Liudwig and Yozii) and then our endless drunken nights started I guess?
Our bands favourite influences are Nepalm Death, Forgotten Tomb, Canibal Corpse, Tool, Korn. 

Sacrificial Slabs – We Come From Below

Sacrificial Slabs – Sacrificial Slabs

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Band/Artist location – London England
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