Rush Moving Pictures

Rush Moving Pictures

Studio Album, released in 1981

Songs / Tracks Listing

  1. Tom Sawyer (4:34)
    2. Red Barchetta (6:08)
    3. YYZ (4:24)
    4. Limelight (4:21)
    5. The Camera Eye (10:57)
    6. Witch Hunt (Part III of Fear) (4:44)
    7. Vital Signs (4:47)Total Time: 39:55

Rush Moving Pictures, their 1981 offering is still considered to be among the best rock albums of the 80’s and deservedly so. The harder edged approach on the band’s previous release ‘Permanent Waves’ is honed to perfection this time around. The seven tracks here-in are all classics, with most still part of any live set the band tours with.Always at the forefront when it comes to experimenting with musical styles and themes, Rush do not disappoint here.

The whole of side one is simply perfect. A brave statement to make, but one that is easily backed up. Opening with ‘Tom Sawyer’ with it’s clever lyric play and memorable opening riff. We are soon riding along to the beautiful story of ‘Red Barchetta’, Peart’s words painting a colourful picture as we are chased along by the demon cars. ‘YYZ’ is next, an instrumental that blasts along urging the listener to turn it up and join in. Side one ends with the wonderful ‘Limelight’ a rocking piece about the dangers of fame. Geddy’s voice has never sounded better.

Side two begins with ‘The Camera Eye’, a massive synth driven intro (which just cries out to have a video accompany it) leads into a long and winding heavy beat from a band at their best. ‘Witch Hunt’ follows with it’s eerie beginning and haunting verses. ‘Vital Signs’, the most straight-forward album track here, closes the album in punchy style.

From stunning guitar work, crunching riffs, haunting vocals and rhythms Moving Pictures is an album filled with great moments (all 39:55 of them)

Peter Devine September 2016