The Distant Infinite Expanded Edition
Release: 24 September 2021

Runescarred’s 2020 album, ‘The Distant Infinite’, is re-releasing with six brand new acoustic tracks. Originally forming in 2017, the quintet from Austin Texas have made their mark with their evolving discography including the critically acclaimed 2018 E.P., “We Are”, and single “Being God”. The re-release celebrates Runescarred’s epic album featuring some new, dynamic, musical offerings.

“We are positively giddy to be releasing these tracks unto an unsuspecting world. These songs sit surprisingly comfortable beside our previous catalogue. The acoustic side is something we did not know we had in us, but we are sure glad to have discovered it!” ~ Runescarred

Combining epic, soaring clean and guttural, harsh vocals with powerful instrumentation, Runescarred deliver a dynamic sound. The quintet’s composition draws upon grounded metal attributes but elevates their music through incorporating their distinctive identity. Whether delivering a hard-hitting metal track, or delving into a softer acoustic piece, Runescarred pour utter emotion and storytelling into the heart of their sound. There is even an element of theatricality to their sound that elevates the atmosphere. From ludicrously intense shredding and melodic riffs to ethereal acoustic melodies, their music reaches another level.
Runescarred bring an exhilarating contribution to the world of metal, developing their music through inspired compositional techniques and performances. This re-release with new material celebrates their achievements and provides a glimpse into the band’s continuing evolution. 

Runescarred – Mammoth

Runescarred – Inviting Rivers

Runescarred – Being God

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