Rum Smugglers

Rum Smugglers

rum smugglers

Rum Smugglers is the first Croatian pirate metal band. It’s stationed in Zagreb and founded in the year 2011, it’s a 4-member band that plays a combination of genres based on thrash metal and melodic heavy metal. Inspired by many metal maniacs, including their greatest inspirations (RUNNING WILD, KREATOR, IMMORTAL, SWASHBUCKLE) have decided to play what they love and know. They performed a lot of concerts in Zagreb, And the surrounding area (Čakovec, Varaždin, Šibenik, Zaprešić, Rijeka) and recorded the first album in the fall of 2014 under the name of HEMP ROPE JUSTICE available on reverbnation, bandcamp, and youtube, and they released a triple split LP with two more US bands (Skogfodt, the Lords of the Drunken Pirate Crew) and the singles EP Rum Smugglers CO. All lovers of the best juggling and lovers of gypsy melodies, heavy metal and thrash, give Sava’s Pirates an opportunity to show that piracy is not a crime.

Vocals / guitar- Marin Barišić

Bass guitar / back vocals – Borna Savovic

Drum – Marko Vučković

Keyboards – Jura Tomorad

Rum Smugglers – A Ballad of Captain Blackbone

Rum Smugglers – A Quest For Glory

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Band location – Zagreb Croatia

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