Rui Sa Jr

Rui Sa Jr

Rui Sa Jr, musician and composer, was born in Angola, Luanda city, but it was in Portugal that still very young leads some garage bands, of which “Road Band” it was the one that was more distinguished when arriving at the end of the Festival “Bands Rock Pepsi” RFM radio, became to notice and carry through some performes in Lisbon city district. 

In 1996/97 it advances definitive and it composes all the songs of it first Album, intitled “a lonely man histories”, with his band Rui Sá, Jr & the Paparazzi.  

Endowed with his reckless spirit, decides to enter in studio for him own account and risk, during that process nominates all the musicians with criterion form Co-produces and signs in partnership the arrangements of the compositions.  

Rui Sa Jr, show appears in Lisbon Académic Week in May’98, in Algés dry docks and together with his Band began a first national tour. The Album of “Fm Rock” style, deserves attentions of the PolyGram(Mercury) label, that accepted the LP edition and contracts the Artist, with fans support, TV, national and local Radios, obtains great “Air-play” in 1998/99 with singles “Already no conditions” and “The night is one day”, respectively.

 April’30th of 2001, he’s anniversary, happens the announced contractual rescission with Universal Music and is in the Artist House Theater, who in the past day May’4th of 2002 it was the official presentation show of his new Album of originals, intitled “Hard Ass”, with 11 original tracks of he’s authorship, with signature of the proper one in the produce music direction too, firming the solid career of this young musician, requiring the continuity of his journey odd, after a noticed absence, this time «a solo», the artist “adds and follows”.

 However, “ME, FROM BADLY TO WORSE” among others foreseen in the «gutter» is select second single, that for the DEMO records PT label hand, discloses since already appositive the perfect one single to promote in simultaneous with this new Album distribution, for the stores of the national discographic market and, that both the parts desire of much success.

Rui Sa Jr – Duro de Roer

Rui Sa Jr – Man In Fall


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